We all know that I have a slight Mi Moneda addiction, those big shiny coins and those lovely designs make my little heart beat faster. My last Mi Moneda coin was those rose colored hamsa and my collection has a lot of coins. Last time I dabbed in iMenso what I really liked but the moment I walked into the jewelry store and saw "50% discount" I had to snatch this butterfly inspired coin. Personally I love the pictures that I took.

I picked up the large version of this coin because I only have a large and a small coin-holder pendant. This lovely butterfly inspired coin comes in Large and Middle both costing 37.50 euro. I think it is a bit expensive for this coin but with the 50% discount I had to have it.

This is not something I would normally pick, I picked this at the spur of the moment if I could rethink I would have picked the more colorful coin. Otono means fall what I think is suited for these natural colors. The browner side is my favorite but I do think the red one does fit with many styles.

Need your help
As some of you know I got a small coin in my other holder and I like to wear two together. With that color 'rose gold, gold or silver' would you pair this coin? Leave it in the comments.

Till tomorrow, 

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