Today I am going to share something that crucial to my skincare routine. The clean pod! I know a lot of people have seen these colored pods in the store, but how do they work? Also do they work? Today I am going to share my opinion about this product.

What does L'oreal say?
L'OrĂ©al Paris shakes up daily cleansing routines by inventing the cleanPod, a cleansing brush with 500 soft, flexible tips to clean the skin, Pore by Pore. The cleansing method, combined with customized formulas for every skin type, makes Perfect Clean more effective than ordinary face washes. 

The Foaming Cream has a fragrance-free formula for dry and sensitive skin. The cream gently cleanses the skin with no harshness.

In short, L'oreal promises a product that removes dirt, oil and make-up for a deep pore cleansing experience with this soft foaming cream. Also they have different colors for different skins and uses. I picked up the pink one that is for dry and sensitive skin.

Lets use this product!
I always remove my make-up before using these kind of products, I am also not sure why they talk about make-up remover. I used this one in the shower when I took a warm and steamy bath. This opens the pores and in my opinion makes the product work even better. For your whole face you just need. a tiny bit for your whole face.

I start with taking out the little brush thing and I add a bit of product to it. I prefer to use this on a wet face fast so beforehand I get my face damp. I then stamp with it on my face so every part [forehead, cheeks, chin]  have enough product. Then the fun starts with circle motions I go round and round till foam starts to come. After a lot of scrubbing you have a foamy face, then I just gently wash it off and I am done. You can do this as quick or in my case as slow as you want. 

For only 5 euros you cant go wrong!
It makes my face feel soft, clean and less dry. I am a real fan of this product and I am itching to try out the other colors. 

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