I am still waiting on atleast 10 things from eBay, today I am going to show you want I already got a few days back. Just a little cute ring that I got really cheap.

What to say about a little ring?
I have to admit with ring size 18 I am not a real big fan of cheap eBay rings because most fall out really small.  But these small rings are perfect for an other trend. The above the knuckle ring! While normally you pay a rather big sum for a knuckle ring I decided to just order a ring a few sizes to small. I got my gold wing ring ring for a whopping 0.99 dollar or 0.70 euro. There is also a silver ring option for the same cheap price.

Even when this accent ring is size extra extra small it does feature a decent amount of stones a wing. There are 10 in total meaning 5 a wing. The ring itself is actually very sturdy for such a cheap ring. The ring itself holds it shape and the stones have not come out yet.

Fun story about me and eBay. On a forum that has a topic called "Show your ebay buys" I once got asked if I am an eBay seller myself or if I do get money by writing these articles. Haha, I wish! Truth be told I really need to ban myself from eBay because I am very easy tempted to buy a lot of little cute things. The price on eBay is almost not to beat and the unique things are really something I want to show you all. But yes, one day I am going to write you a book called "The story of a girl addicted to buy" there is going to be a great plot involving the mailman, just kidding!

Do tell me, how many times do you buy from eBay? 
Also is this a cute ring?
Till next time and do not spend to much money,

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