We all know that working out is mostly motivation but at times you can not motivate yourself and you think "Ah lets just not work out today..."  Those days you need a little extra to push yourself to do your workout. What is a better reason to workout then new workout cloths in pretty colors? Read more for my favorites at Zalando

Lets start with this Nike Sculpt top that is currently on sale. normally 40 euro but now only 30 euro. I really adore these tops because of the cut. Deep neck and a nice fit. Also can we take a minute to talk about the many colors? Seven variations of color. My favorite has to be the lilac and the deep pink one above. Do not get me wrong, most of my workout clothing are black "Because working out is a funeral for my fat" but at times you just need a pop of color!

Next we have the Roehnisch tove loose top what is amazing in my books. This top is 40 euro and I think it is worth it. Have you seen the little lace on the back? I admit I did not pick the bright colors for this one because I adored the black version that much. This one is also in bright yellow and neon pink.

This Twintip hoody is also 40 euro I see a pattern. And the design is really lovely. The fact that the collar is slanted is really nice. The color is brighter then bright and it also has a hood. Really a nice hoody where you can snuggle up after a workout.

Next up we have the Asics gel noosa that are AMAZING. Really I can not express my love for asics, seeing they always feel nice when wearing and the colors on this one is crazy. Really even with an all black outfit these would rock the look. Totally worth their price tag of 140 euro. I always say "You need a pair of great shoes to workout"

Last but not least is this Puma top for 30 euro. I admit this one is not as bright as the others but very colorfull. The little keyhole in the back is very lovely and the shape of the colors seem very flattering.

What do you workout in? 

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