For todays Fit Friday we are going to burn of those chocolates. Now we all know valentines day was yesterday and together with V-day we have the gifts we have gotten. Your partner might have surprised you with chocolates or perhaps a big home cooked dinner. And today we want to burn all those calories of since we need to get ready for summer. But well working out might not be fun and you might lack motivation, today I am going to show some workouts and workout games that are fun yet burn calories off!

Beach body: Hip Hop Abs
I have to admit I only did this one once as a trial to see if I liked it. Hip Hop Abs is a really fun workout that puts a smile on your face. Sadly enough this did not leave me sweating or feeling my muscles but it was fun moving around to the beat and trying to keep up with Shaun T to check it out here you can view Hip Hop Abs. I do think this burns callories but not a lot.

Biggest loser Wii
I love the biggest loser and I watch the television show every week. They also have their own Wii game that I am playing for a while now, it is fun and gives you a nice sweat. I love the fact that you need to follow the workout to a t to score points. I am sure many people will like this and if you have a balance board this is amazing! Youtube has a few of the game play video's so be sure to check that out. This is really a fun daily game.

Just Dance!
I admit that just dance is my guilty pleasure. I love to use it for my cardio and get my heart rate up while thinking I am a great dancer while in reality I am horrible. The fun thing about this one is that you just need to dance and you start burning calories without realizing. I normally use my heart rate watch to track how many calories I burn because the game tells me I burn fewer then I do in reality. For the people who are reading this and think 'I want to try this, but I do not have a wii" Youtube has a lot of videos online that you can follow Gangnam Style being on of those and even One Direction. It is really a fun pastime for when you do not feel like working out but do want to burn some calories.

Fit in your jeans by Friday
This one is high on my wishlist for a few reasons. Let me start with the fact that we are talking about DVDs with Kim Kardashian. I am a big fangirl of her and I think she looks stunning, I would kill for that body so why not do a workout with her? There are 3 DVDs all targeting a different place, Ultimate Butt Sculpt, Amazing Abs and Butt Blasting Cardio Step. I watched the behind the scenes of this workout and I must say it really looks fun. The only thing that I hate about it is the fact you need one of those steppers. But yeah 15 dollar for three DVDs is no money. You can check it out here 

Make your own workout
Moving everyday is key to burn calories. I personally like playing with my cat as workout. I chase her round the house and we go up and down the stairs at least 7 times. I try to keep up with the little critter till she is tired or if I am tired.
But you can also go walking outside with your dog or a friend.
I personally think shopping is the best way to walk, go store in and out. And go from one part of the town to the other one food. Of coarse if you buy something you can use that of weights, no need to give it to somebody to carry. You can build some arm strength while being happy with your new purchase.
Also housework is one of those things that burns a lot, vacuuming the room or cleaning every window in your house will burn those valentine chocolates right off
Or you can just put on some music and hoolahoop or jump rope. So many fun things you can do and burn calories at the same time!

So what workout do you love doing?
See you all next time,

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