Now let me start with the fact that I found out how hard it is to take pictures of sunglasses. They where advertised as mirrored glasses and they mirror only a bit. Not as drastic as the sellers pictures and a bit more then normal glasses. That put aside I love the shape of these glasses so I decided to show them to you guys. It is never to early to buy sunglasses especially when you need to wait for shipping.

As mentioned in the title I got these from eBay. I love getting cheap sunglasses from ebay because I can toss these in my bad without worrying that they get broken. My prescription sunglasses from Spijkers & Spijkers are beautiful, amazing and many more things but at times I fear they will get broken.

I got these for 2.59 dollar, you can search ebay for mirrored glasses at this link. There are many seller selling these and the one I bought them from is currently not selling these. I did found this seller here that currently has the same price as mine. As you can see in the pictures from the seller they look very mirrored. Reality is that these mirror a lot less then those beautiful pictures. It gives a slight mirror but not that drastic.

I do think it is a pair of shades that are unique because of their shape. They are big even on my big face and they have an great shape of glasses. They sit very good on your face and even while headbanging they do not fall of. I love these

Do you guys think it is to early to shop for sunglasses?
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