Today a new style of article that I want to do once in a few weeks. It is what I am currently loving and more things that are current for me.

Bright nail polish, especially the orange color from Catrice and the neon's I bought from ebay.
I can not wait till the summer so I can rock them out!
The purple dye that does not want to stay in my hair. The above picture should have been a full head of purple hair but somehow it only gives me highlights in purple. I wanted Kelly Osbourne hair but I failed.
To the script, especially Break even is on repeat from time to time. Also recently I fell in love with The passengers with let her go. I heard it a lot on the radio a lot but never knew the name of the song, I was so glad that I found it.
Writing a few articles in advance and making a whole lot of pictures!
For some statement necklaces. I am talking about big collars, bright colors and pastels. I am looking as a hawk on ebay for the things that I really really want.
That the moment I start my new workout program I will succeed and not fail after the first video.
A lot of t-shirts with skirts
Putting on: 
Bright pink lipstick!

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