Let me tell you about the scarf I received from ebay, I showed it before in my ebay haul and I talked about how excited I was for this cat scarf. I talked about the pink version I ordered but the scarf that I got was more cream. Even when I was disappointed at that fact seeing I am not really a cream person, I decided that I did like this color enough to wear it.

As I said before and as you might have guessed knowing my track record. This scarf is from eBay the place where most of my money lands. I bought this from this seller here but there are many many many sellers of this scarf here. They range round 3 dollar which I am sure is worth it if you are a fellow cat lover or just love scarfs. This scarf is very thin and chiffon-like.

The details of the scarf
This scarf is 180 centimeters long and 69 centimeters wide so you get a nice long scarf if you wear it normal or you can wrap it round your neck for a shorter version. I actually prefer it long but it was rather hard to take a picture when it was hanging long so above you can see myself twice with the wrapped way. The scarf itself is rather see trough but because of the wide it shows a lot of color.

The print
This print reminds me of Miu Miu only less detailed. I actually prefer this version myself because the cats have no faces and only the silhouette of the kittens shows. I love that there are many different cats and not just one kind that is copy pasted all over. From a distance it looks classy and up close rather fun. You can dress this up when you are wearing a blazer but it would also look nice with a t-shirt and jeans.

So what do you think about this scarf. And what is your favorite color of this one?

Much love and till next time,

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