So today I have a product that promises to give your skin a soft summer glow. I have a love hate relationship with products that tell me I can get a nice glow because some end up giving you a sparkle that puts a twilight vampire to shame. I picked this up at DM, and it is from their own brand Balea.

This creme can be found at all DM stores for a price under two euro. Then again I expected a much bigger product because the package has so much space left compared to the product that it inside off it.It is always a big turnoff when that happens. But there is a bigger turnoff for this product. The creme tells me that I need to use it for three days straight to get a light summer glow. I have used it for four days now but honestly, I can not see a difference in my face. I do love the creme but the results are none till nothing.

What I do like about this product is the fact that it does not dry the skin and it feels good on the skin. But sadly enough the 50ml that this package holds is not enough for daily use.

So as I said before in the introduction, love and hate relationship. I talked about how I hated sparkly but then again it is debatable if it is better then no effect at all.

So sadly enough no love for this product that looked so promising.
Did you ever bought a product that gave you no effect while in the package it looked great?
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