Recently I decided that my life needed a new brush set. While I am normally a hands on person [literally. Foundation en eye shadow applied with fingers most of the times] I decided I wanted a small but decent set. While I am a big fan of those beautiful brushes my favorite beautybloggers show me, I simply can not afford them. So I turned to eBay and prayed that the brushes where decent.....

The search for a great brush set
The dear lord knows that finding a set that suited me was hard, I searched for a few days and had so many windows open that Google chrome was almost dying on me. But really finding a set that has every brush I needed but without making me even more poor/ I had a small budget but a big hope.

And then I found the perfect set. Beautiful black brushes with a gold accent. They would look perfect on my vanity table! These 10 brushes where only 9.99 dollar by this eBay seller. Now we all can see on the add that there is no trace of a brand-name on the brushes but when I received them the second bag and the brushes screamed M-A-C. I am not really a fan of that but it was not a reason to toss these brushes away.

None of the brushes shed on me and they feel perfect. I have no idea what the perfect brush should feel like but I assume it is close to these brushes. Quality wise they are great for the price, two brushes where loose but that was nothing a little glue could not fix.
The bags reek of cheap plastic but that was gone in a few minutes. This seems like the perfect set for a beginner or a girl on a small budget. I would really advice these brushes they really do not disappoint.

Now I admit I did not know where every brush was for. But thank god the ebay seller listed every brush number and what they where for. 

1.187SE Blush Brush / Powder Brush (fiber wool) Total length about 13.8cm, hair length 3.8cm,and hair width 3.8cm.This is a multi-functional flat brush, face powder, blush, foundation can be used. 
2.168SE Angle Highlight Touch-up Brush(wool) Total length about 12.8cm, hair length 3cm,and hair width 3cm.Its unique Angle Touch-up head makes your face chiseled. 
3.129SE Powder Brush(wool) Total length about 14cm?hair length 4.2cm,and hair width 4cm.It makes you easier to the right position of the rouge, to reveal natural rosy cheeks. 
4.190SE Foundation Brush(fiber wool) Total length about 13cm, hair length 3cm?and hair width 2.3cm.It can be used for foundation cream, liquid, BB cream. even the bottoming of the face. 
5.252SE large eye shadow brush(Sable) Total length about 13.5cm,hair length 1.3cm,and hair width 1cm.Can be used throughout a large area of the eye color. 
6.275SE Angled highlight eye shadow brush (horse hair) Total length about 13.5cm,hair length 1.3cm,and hair width 1.2cm.Can be used to highlight of the nose and the eye round. 
7.212SE Angled highlight Flat eyeliner brush (fiber) Total length about 12.9cm,hair length 0.7cm,and hair width 0.9cm.For the plastic liner or eye liner powder, draw evenly along the roots of the lashes. 
8.219SE small blender/eye shadow brush (wool) Total length about 12.5cm,hair length 1cm,and hair width 0.5cm.the hair is short and soft to make layers from eye head to end, to create smoky fashion eye makeup 
9.194SE Concealer Brush (fiber) Total length about 13cm,hair length 1.3cm,and hair width 0.5cm.For liquid concealer or concealer brush tool. Small flat brush, particularly smooth at the tip, so perfect to blend concealer products and skin. Professional Concealer Brush ,let your flaws completely invisible. 
10.209SE eyeliner brush (fiber).Total length about 12.2cm,hair length 0.8cm,and hair width 0.2cm.To draw a fine eye liner, can be used with eye shadow powder/lash line cream.

I love these brushes, but tell me what do you pick budget brushes or expensive ones?
Till next time,


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