If there is one make-up product that I really love it is the Catrice lipsticks that I own. Always great quality for your buck and in so many colors that you will always find something that suits you. So today I am going to show you the 8 colors that I own. I really prefer a good lipstick over a gloss.

Slowly I am seeing more and more sheer panels and this might become a trend. Ever since the Dior 2013 catwalk I wondered about these paneled dresses and if they could be translated toward every day fashion?

I actually see these tags a lot and I adore reading them. I love going trough other peoples closets and shoe racks just to see what their stuff looks like. I decided to grab everything in my bag and take pictures from it. I do not have a daily bag that I use, I switch it up so no bag on the pictures just what is in it. Read more...

So today I have a product that promises to give your skin a soft summer glow. I have a love hate relationship with products that tell me I can get a nice glow because some end up giving you a sparkle that puts a twilight vampire to shame. I picked this up at DM, and it is from their own brand Balea.

Before I start the second currently I want to thank Sophie, ChellesBlog and Leonie who told me that they like the idea of those little Currently updates. I was debating if I really liked writing those kind of articles but those kind comments inspired me to just do it. So read more for my second Currently...

Recently I decided that my life needed a new brush set. While I am normally a hands on person [literally. Foundation en eye shadow applied with fingers most of the times] I decided I wanted a small but decent set. While I am a big fan of those beautiful brushes my favorite beautybloggers show me, I simply can not afford them. So I turned to eBay and prayed that the brushes where decent.....

We all know that I have a slight Mi Moneda addiction, those big shiny coins and those lovely designs make my little heart beat faster. My last Mi Moneda coin was those rose colored hamsa and my collection has a lot of coins. Last time I dabbed in iMenso what I really liked but the moment I walked into the jewelry store and saw "50% discount" I had to snatch this butterfly inspired coin. Personally I love the pictures that I took.

When walking in the DM [German drugstore] I noticed a very glittery bottle. It was from the same collection as my Holo Topcoat so I decided to grab this one up. For only 1.75 euro I have 11 ml of glitter. I admit I am attracted to glittery things, so I needed to buy this. Want to see a swatch?

We all know that bullying is wrong but then again there are always times that bullying happens. Today I want to share my story and hopefully inspire some others to take a stand against bullying. And remember that You are good no matter what others tell you.

I recently hopped into the local shoe store called Van Haren  or for Germany Deichman  or many more different names for the same store. Anyways in the Dutch store and the online shop they have a 75% Sale! Now I admit sale paired with shoes get my heart beating faster. I decided to hop in and search for a pair of green shoes to match my new sweater that I bought for my grannies birthday dinner. Anyways you want to hear for how much I scored the above heels? Read more!

I am still waiting on atleast 10 things from eBay, today I am going to show you want I already got a few days back. Just a little cute ring that I got really cheap.

New month new chances, I already found a few new blogs that I adore. Some recently commenters have really lovely blogs but I am in search of more blogs to follow. So leave a message with your blog and what it is about and I will check it out and perhaps more people will also take a look.

Also I would love it if you put in the comments what I can improve on my blog!

I already wrote about Time for Watching a few days ago and their lovely valentines jewelry. For people who still remember that article I wrong about the Everlasting Love bracelet from Dji Dji. Today I am going to show you this lovely bracelet that I got in gold.

For todays Fit Friday we are going to burn of those chocolates. Now we all know valentines day was yesterday and together with V-day we have the gifts we have gotten. Your partner might have surprised you with chocolates or perhaps a big home cooked dinner. And today we want to burn all those calories of since we need to get ready for summer. But well working out might not be fun and you might lack motivation, today I am going to show some workouts and workout games that are fun yet burn calories off!

Who can read Dutch already knows what this blogpost is about because MijnNaamKetting is Dutch for My Name Necklace a store who sells surprise name necklaces. But they sell more then that their collection also has bracelets and rings. They have a lot of styles and keep adding new products. I received a stunning necklace for review...So read more!

I normally do not post my make-up looks but I was so happy with my 'carnaval' make-up I decided to snap some pictures. For the people that do not know, in Holland we celebrate Carnaval. We dress up and have big parades where they toss candy at you. I adore to go and look at the costumes and get inspiration  This year I decided to semi-dressup as a superhero. You can see my mask and my pale purple hair, that I sprayed in a mowhawk.

Now let me start with the fact that I found out how hard it is to take pictures of sunglasses. They where advertised as mirrored glasses and they mirror only a bit. Not as drastic as the sellers pictures and a bit more then normal glasses. That put aside I love the shape of these glasses so I decided to show them to you guys. It is never to early to buy sunglasses especially when you need to wait for shipping.

I was doing my favorite pastime browsing jewelry web shops and I came across Time For Watching. I adore this web shop because it carries many of my favorite brands. With the 14th of February coming fast I decided to make an article about the beautiful and mostly romantic jewelry this shop carries. So if you are sure your guy does not have a gift yet shame on him You can subtle hint what kind of jewelry you would love. So I hope this article will give you some inspiration and most of all for all the guys reading "You can never go wrong with jewelry" and Time for Watching

Today a new style of article that I want to do once in a few weeks. It is what I am currently loving and more things that are current for me.

Let me tell you about the scarf I received from ebay, I showed it before in my ebay haul and I talked about how excited I was for this cat scarf. I talked about the pink version I ordered but the scarf that I got was more cream. Even when I was disappointed at that fact seeing I am not really a cream person, I decided that I did like this color enough to wear it.

We all know that working out is mostly motivation but at times you can not motivate yourself and you think "Ah lets just not work out today..."  Those days you need a little extra to push yourself to do your workout. What is a better reason to workout then new workout cloths in pretty colors? Read more for my favorites at Zalando

Lets watch some television-shows today! I actually love watching shows on my computer and some shows really need to air on the dutch television. Sadly enough most of these shows do not and then I need to watch them online. So many things that I am sure will be a hit in Holland or other countries. But anyways do you know the feeling of being bored and having no idea what to do? Most of the times I watch television then, now I want to share what I watch. So read more and perhaps you will find a new show that you love!

Some time ago I wrote about Taylor made flasks and I talked about all her lovely flasks. Some time ago I recieved a very lovely package from this lovely etsy shop. Want to know what I think?

I personally am staying away from valentines day this year because I am forever alone excuse the use of meme here but I tough it was fitting. But instead of wallowing alone behind my computer I decided to search for some valentine gifts that my lovely readers might want to ask from their partners. Or if you are a like me, alone? Then their is no reason why you should not spoil yourself with some shiny stuff from Swarovski.

When strolling trough the DM I noticed a lot of pretty things,but I decided to buy no nail polish but the moment I saw "Holo" I had to have this top coat. It was only 1.75 euro so really a steal.
Or as P2 says: The top coat glamorous finish holo top coat with sparkling glitter particles creates a hip holographic finish on the fingernails. Just enjoy the kaleidoscopic effect.

Today I am going to share something that crucial to my skincare routine. The clean pod! I know a lot of people have seen these colored pods in the store, but how do they work? Also do they work? Today I am going to share my opinion about this product.

I recently came across of kkcenterhk and they have a lot of nail art supplies. Including a large range of rhinestones. I decided to review the  round 6mm studs. So read more for nail art and of coarse the review. I used these for nail art but it can be used for so much more!

A while ago fotografille had a giveaway where you could win a photo book by blurb with your instagram pictures of coarse I entered and the result you can see above. I made my book themed with my favorite subject, my cats! I never knew how hard it was to take pictures of a little book, but I tried.

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