Twisted company is a dutch based webshop that has been running since 2012. There goal is to offer trendy jewelry at a low price. So want to read what I think about my ear cuff?

Twisted company is a good webshop contact wise, you can mail them for questions and they mail back rather fast. I am in love with there webshop design that has an amazing background. It is really a webshop that you can recognize when coming across there page. I received the ear cuff in a timely matter packed in a bubble plastic envelope and with a business card included. In the above picture you can see the business card, note that I edited the address for privacy reasons. I love the design of the business card it is really lovely and I can shop it to people who ask me where I bough the lovely ear cuff. The only tip I want to give Twisted Company is to get some sort of package for there jewelry, a little box or an organza bag can make a difference.

The ear cuff.
Let me start with how much I adore this cuff, when I hold this one it is not heavy but also not cheap flimsy thin. It is a good weight for a earring and the unique design is sure to turn some heads. The snake itself is very detailed but in such a manner that it does not look like something from the Halloween store. There is the same pattern running from head to tail that gives dept and a snake like feel. Even the backside is patterned with stripes. What I love is the head, the arrow point shape and the dept does make it look classic in a way. While normally snake jewelry has an open mouth or a very big head this one is just a simple arrow with some dept, I really like that. As you will see in the pictures this is a two part ear cuff, you have the snake that is going to curl round your ear and the stopper that has the end of the tail that gives the 'going trough your ear' look. All in all I am really happy with this earring, you can check out the earring selection here. They currently have the snake not in stock but I am sure they will get it back soon.

What more?
Twisted company  also has some other jewelry that is worth a look. They have a bracelet currently for sale, it is a very pretty silver colored piramide stud bracelet.They have a few necklaces that are worth a look especially the Elephant necklace in bronze. And the largest selection are the rings  with my favorite Claw ring in silver and gold

So what do you think about this web shop, have you heard about it or did you order something?

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