Today I feel like wearing Net-A-Porter. I was browsing their eye-candy online when I decided to make a complete outfit of sale items that I would love to wear. Last time I wrote about H&M and Asos but today I decided to go a bit more expensive. So read more and tell me what you think of the outfit!

This outfit I would wear in a heartbeat, simple black with blue and some nice patterns. I understand that some people might think this is a bit to much pattern wise but I adore it. One of my favorite things has to be the Versace Boots with the unique heels and pattern, I also came across this Skirt from Rag & Bone that had a similar pattern that would be perfect paired with the boots. I decided to pick a simple Top with it in a beautiful blue shade. Of coarse I would pair it with a  Bib Necklace and the most unique Biker Jacket that I have seen up to now. The pattern of the jacket reminds me of a galaxy.

So what do you think? 

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