I can not tell you how excited I am for this new addition for Rimmel! This liplaquer is amazing, really amazing. I am semi-bouncing in my chair thinking about buying more of these. I currently own one color that I am going to review but I am trying to get my hands om many more shades.

The basics
So I am pretty sure this is not out yet in Holland, it will be coming out in februari but I heard they are already a hit in other parts of the world. I first want to thank the girls of Girlscene for sending me this lovely color. In Holland these are going to cost 10.99 euro and in Britain 6 pounds. I think these are decent prices for such a good product.

The package
I must say the package does fit the name, apocalips is apocalyptic.The top seems to have some sort of unique geometric pattern that I adore, the gradient for every color is different. They all go from black to clear and the clear part shows the color! When opened you see the color trough the clear and the brush has doe foot shape.

The product
When I had this product in my hands I had no idea what to expect. There where a few reviews on the internet but not that many. I got number 303 apocaliptic, one of the brightest shades in this collection. It has a total of 8 colors including nude and pinks. I knew this was going to be bright but the moment this got on my lips, there was a new definition of bright. There was enough product on the wand to color my lips in one go and the product feels very nice on the skin. I also tested the staying power, you can eat with this without redoing it but the product is not a stain so while giving somebody a kiss you are surely leaving a mark. But all in all I am perfectly happy with this product.

So what do you think? Would you wear this color?  

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