Today I am going to show you Nivea Soft. This highly effective, quickly absorbed formulation delivers a fresh feeling moisture boost to skin.The refreshing formula of Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil leaves skin feeling sensationally soft and smooth, delivering long-lasting moisturisation for your face, body and hands. Atleast that is what the product claims, read more to see what I think of this. 

Package and Price
Nivea Soft has two versions of this product the tube what I bought but also a jar. For me it was an easy pick because I dislike going into jars and having product under my nails They both where 1.75 euro so I have to say it is really a soft price. Let me start on the design of this package. It is simple but I love the clean look it gives, the white and the blue are great shades and the green adds a nice accent. For your non German/French readers the tube says "For face, body & hands" in nice blue lettering and below that it says "Hydrating intensive creme, with jojoba oil and vitamin E" 

So lets start with the jojoba oil, it is commonly used to soften the skin and to give your skin a smooth and non sticky feeling. Vitamin E is something that protects and repairs the skin. Both together sound like a good cocktail for your skin.

How does it work?
When opening the tube there is directly one thing that I notice, the distinctive Nivea smell. I am sure a true Nivea fan knows the smell I am talking about. The creme that comes out the tube is rather thick, between a body butter and a body lotion. It does not run of your finger so I am a fan, I even had my finger upside down  and it didn't fall of my finger. While testing this I applied it to certain parts of my body that where really dry. I picked my elbows and my forehead to test this product on and I occasionally used it for my hands.

What I noticed was that this product absorbs really good, it literally took a minute when I applied to the skin. Also what I noticed was the fact that the Nivea smells lingers for a rather long time, I have no problem with it because it is a nice smell. When absorbed the skin is non sticky and non shiny. At first I was really debating if I should use this on my face because at times these kind of products leave a real shine, this one did not. To put it to the test I applied it on half of my face and asked my mother what side I was wearing this product on. The only difference she could point out was that one half of my forehead was dry. After feeling the difference I was sold on this product, it hydrates really good and it leaves your skin so soft that you can not stop touching it. 

Also I did my own little test with my grannie and her hands. Since a few years now she had troubles with skin breaking because of the dryness. The doctor advice her an expensive hand creme but I decided that she should use this one. For a few weeks she used this daily on her hands after a hard days work. She pointed out two things that I also pointed out in this blogpost, it has a nice smell and it leaves the hands softer. But the point was the dry cracked skin. It took a bit of time but after a few weeks her skin is free of cracks and at times I notice that my tube is missing and that somebody ells is using it.

The only downside of this product is that the tube only contains 75ml so I am only using it on dry spots like elbows or hands but for 1.75 euro I would really advice this product and I am certainly buying it again after I finish this tube.

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