Today the last pictures of 2012 what I still have on my camera and wanted to share. Sadly enough this is a short one.

I wanted to share my Christmas tree. Look at the clutter and mess that is how my mom wants the tree to look. The moment I am living on my own I am going to get a white tree with pink and purple decorations. That is a big dream of mine, just a beautiful clean and girly tree.

Would you look at that door frame.  All scratched up and ugly  I want to thank my black and white cat for that because she always scratches there when she wants to go outside. Any cat-lovers out there that have ideas to stop this scratching?

On the subject of strange cats and strange pictures. We have my little baby laying on her back. She actually prefers this way to lay down and she spends more time on her back then on the right side. And sadly enough that was intended as a dirty remark. #Lame-attempt

In 2012 and currently 2013 I am loving homemade salads. What a lot of people do not know is that those salads you buy in stores have a lot of calories and thus are not healthy. Currently I am in love with tuna salad.

Last one is this, not only is it a funny picture but the story behind this is also very cute. Whenever I get a box my cat jumps into it and makes it her home. This box somehow had weird flaps that could be easy used as roof and thus the capsule was born. Because the Mayas told us the world was going to end we decided to save one cat with this capsule. So when the clock chimed the end of the world, we taped the roof and let her sit safely. Of coarse the earth survived but I am sure that this capsule would have saved my kitten :D

See you next time at the first life in pictures of 2013

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