Starting fresh with my first life in pictures of this year. I got some funny, some sweet and some awesome pictures. Actually is it just snips of my life. So take a look! Also do not mind the wig and I want to note, it was a great month.

My lovely twitter and instagram followers might have seen these three pictures. Going from left to right we have my new plant. I am known for killing plants, to little water or to much. It is just not my cup of tea sadly enough. But parent keep buying me a new plant with the words "This one is easy to care off" Right mom tell that to the other 10 plants you bought. Anyways my goal is to keep this one alive.
Next we have one of my most awkward leg poses. But it does showcase my new pants, This baby was only 10 euro and I am not sure if I love the pattern or think it is tacky but it does look nice with an all black simple outfit.
And then we have my breakfast, I was discussing my breakfast and decided it was easyer to take a snapshot. So readers, this is what I eat in the morning.

Next we have a snapshot from a blog. But not just any blog, Jade Pillar is one of my favorite fashion blogs. She has a style that can be easy recognized and I adore her pictures. Anyways the snapshot is as you might have read the announcement that I won her giveaway. It is a pair of stunning high heels ankle boots that I won and I am really happy with them, the moment they hit my doorstep I am posting pictures of coarse.  I am really thankful to Floor for picking me as a winner it really made my 2013. Anyways check out her blog, I am sure you will also love it.

Next up we have a few more instagram pictures. Sadly enough the quality is not that great but as a poor student I can not afford a better phone I do have my eye on the Samsung Galaxy Note. But yes those pictures. From left to right top to bottom.
The first picture is a screenshot I took, I am really feeling my pictures are improving and I am really happy with that. This is my folder with things I have not uploaded yet. You might recognize the creative use of technology earrings and the Rimmel lipgloss.
Next up we have my broken nail, I was planning some nailswatches but the nail is far to short. I might have to use my other  hand to swatch. Next to my broken nails we have my DIY whiteboard. It is a piece of plastic that is perfect for writing on with a whiteboard marker. This is my new workout schedule that I will start next week.
First one in the lower row is my cat drinking on the faucet, a trick my grannie learned her. It is annoying and not very clean but everything for the cat.
Next up we have my status on eBay, almost hitting the 100 meaning I will get a different color star. I am really looking forward to that and last but not least, I won 4 euro on this thingie. I feel lucky this month.

Then we have the great picture I showed before, note that a blue wig makes me 50% more arrogant. No fear my lovely readers I do not go out on the street with this blue wig although it is a lovely shade it is not suited for me also this shows why I do not have bangs.You might be wondering why I bought this wig because Halloween is long gone. I got this for Carnaval what is celebrated here in Holland. I have no clue what I am going to dress up as but with a blue with you can never go wrong. For tips or suggestions do leave a comment. I already heard Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry but I am not sure for an outfit.

Next we have the blog Suqan which is made by a really awesome girl who does not have a clue how great of a person she is. She started to blog as a outlet to get everything out on paper and I must say her blog is a good motivation for me. She knows a lot about weightloss but also talks about the process round it. She really gives a glimps into her life. So do check it out! Also her ugly truth article is pretty great.
Also look at the pretty banner that I made for her!

I took two screenshots of my sidebar for one reason. Looking at my sidebar makes me very happy. I know I started to blog with the idea that maybe nobody would like my blog and I did not even dare to dream of followers. And look at that! 44 on GFC and 30 on Bloglovin. That is amazing! That makes a wopping 74 that I am very grateful for. So if your somebody of the 74 or perhaps somebody who reads my blog from time to time without following, thank you very much. Onward to 100! 

Next we have Sonja, I wanted to point out that she has a lovely new layout where I had the pleasure of having a sneak peak of. Now there are still a few things that she wants to fix and I have no idea how to fix it. So if I have anybody reading this who knows how to solve it, please send Sonja a message. Also how great is that banner and new layout!

I made a new tumblr is my last of this month. is currently my tumblr for my favorite pictures and is currently for everything that I adore.

Tell me, what was the highlight of this month for you?

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