Yesterday I showed two quads and today I am going to show two lipsticks both from the Ultimate colour range. Pink is a color that fits many people and many outfits. I always say you can not go wrong with a good pink. Read more for swatches

Ultimate colour.
I prefer the ultimate colour range from Catrice over the ultimate shine for one simple reason. These give of a lot of color and pigment while the shine is less intense. Again I picked these up for 1.75 euro a piece in Germany, in Holland they currently have a 50% discount.

Also I love the shape of these lipsticks, they are great in use. There is also the brand name pressed into the lipstick which makes it a bit more expensive looking. I actually store these lipsticks up side down because of the sticker, it makes it easy to pick out what I want.

On the stickers it might seem like the shame shade of similar but the lipstick itself shows the difference. The left is Pinkadilly circus and the right is More is More. I am not sure yet which one is my favorite. What do you think?

\Which one is your favorite?

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