Coming this februari is a new essence collection. There are some things leaving and we are getting some great things in return. Want to see my favorite new products? Note that all images are animated, so they move!

3D eyeshadow - 2,89

01 Irresistible green dream
02 Irresistible purr-ple [One of my favorites]
03 Irresistible first love
04 Irresistible caramel cream
05 Irresistible blue sky
06 Irresistible mermaid kiss [One of my favorites]
07 Irresistible smoky eye
08 Irresistible vanilla latte
09 Irresistible chocolates

Frame 4 Fame - 2.59
Volume, Single and Glamour lashes. I am expecially excited for the volume lashes. Also props to essence for the stunning package, really nice!

Mono eyeshadow
65 Skeye & Sand [Typo? I would have guessed it was skye and sand?]
66 Peppermint Ice cream [One of my favorites, stunning accent to a nude eyeshadow]
67 Forest Fairies
68 Strawberry Ice cream
69 Here I am [If the eye shadow is the same shade as in the package, I want it!]

Stay No Mather What! Pencils - 1.59
I am lusting for the gray shade, also these pencils have a really lovely design. I adore the bright yellow lettering on the black

Tell me, what is on your wishlist and what do you think of my animating style vs a picture heavy post?

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