In my last ebay haul post I showed this little paris bag and recently I also bough a few nailpolishes and today the first one of those. Number 06 what is a stunning blue teal shade.

The bag
Let start with the little bag, or coin purse as the seller tells us. This ebay seller is where I bought mine, I got it without problems and the quality is great. I love some of the little details on this little baglet including the France flag detail and the brown leather-like zipper. The inside has a cute stripe pattern and the size is perfect for a few little trinkets. I am using this for my mp3 player [sadly enough I do not own a Ipod] Also I added my catrice eye shadow quad for size reference.

The nailpolish
As you can see above I got a bright bright amazing shade of teal. This nailpolish also glows very bright in the dark, sadly enough I can not take a picture of this effect because I would have loved to showed it you guys. I got this for a bit over a dollar from this seller I used three layers and this polish is qualitative really good.

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