Creative use of technology is a young company, who specializing in products which are made with a lasercutter. They make all sorts of products, But mostly wooden phone cases and jewelry. The products all have their own design and are made of quality material. So, you want to see these covers? 

Creative use of Technology can be found on Etsy where they got a large selection of cases not only for your smartphone but also for your Ipad. They currently offer cases for the Iphone 4 and 5 and also for the Samsung Galaxy S3. If your like me and do not have any of those phones you can check out the jewelrynotebooks and clock. I am especially fan of the earrings and the notebooks they are very unique. 

The Etsy shop show offers a lot of variation and a lot of unique designs. They seem perfect to give as a gift. For every design there is the option to get it in Bamboo, Cherry and Walnut. I am especially fan of walnut the color is stunning. But there is also the option to get the case in aluminum. Also all the cases have a suede fabric on the inside which I think is a great move to keep your phone in mint condition.

Iphone 4:
Iphone 4 cases are currently available in wood and aluminum. For wood you are currently paying 32.40 euro and for aluminum 19.29 euro. Both I think is reasonable for a unique casing. I am sure many people will ask you where you got this when you wipe out your phone. Also for 42.43 euro you can design your own. Which would be perfect as a gift for a special occasion or just for yourself. I personally would get one that had my name on it.  Above I listed six of my favorites in wood and above that 3 in aluminum with direct links to the item, but you can also check it out yourself

Iphone 5:
The Iphone 5 cases are currently 34.71 euro for wood and they feature a lot of lovely designs that are also for the other phones. Also for the Iphone 5 users that are no fan of busy design there is also a case with just the apple logo.  My favorite of the lot has to be the tree design case.  Again you can click the numbers under the image or you can take a look at all the Iphone 5 cases

Samsung Galaxy S3
Of coarse for the Galaxy S3 there are also some cases, I love how some designs look on the rounded case especially this one but I also love how they also offer an option without engraving . These cases are 37.71 euro for engraved, the option without engraving is 27.77 euro and want your own text that is an option for 42.24 euro. Again the numbers above can be clicked for a direct link and you can check it out yourself here

The shop can be found here on etsy
Here on facebook
And soon on their website

I am a fan of these designs, I must say these are suited for all kind of people and a unique thing to have and gift. I can see this being a hit as valentines gift. 

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