As promised today some pictures of my ebay buy, the birdhouse key holder. I already wrote about my buy here and people who follow my instagram might have already seen a picture here. Today a little review but most important, some pictures.

So the birdhouse key chain holder.
When I ripped open the package on my two bird houses I was half expecting them to be broken but that was thank god not the case. It traveled perfectly from Hong Kong to the Netherlands. Ofcoarse the first thing needed testing was the whistle function of the bird. Worked like a charm, so the next thing to do after taking these pictures was hanging the bird house. I decided that I wanted it next to my vanity table mirror and the process of hanging was very very easy. You have two options, you can use the stickers or two nails.

The awesome blogger that I am decided to use both ways one for each birdhouse. My own birdhouse was tested with the nail methods and my parents gift was stuck to the wall.  Both had strong and less strong points. The sticking was very easy, we just peeled of the stickers and slammed the house against the wall. The problem was that it directly needed to be done straight because we stuck it on wallpaper. So it is not a good idea to use the stickers if you want to remove it some day. With two full keychains the birdhouse is still hanging, so it is a good option to me.

I decided to use two nails, that I tactfully hit into the wall. It was an easy process because I marked the wall with the birdhouse. Just two dots from pushing a pencil in the holes of the birdhouse. It took mere seconds to hang. The problem with this method is that you need to make sure the nails are sturdy enough to hold the house and also far enough in the wall so the house does not topple forward. If you succeed at that the little house hangs like a charm. It has been hanging for a week now with my keychain, lamp, usb-stick and it is still going strong.

Where to get your own
Are you a fan like me? Then you can this little gadget at this seller. The seller was the one I used to get my little houses from for only 3.56 dollar or 2.70 euro. I messaged him with the request if he has specific colors for me because they would suit my house more. And he directly send back a positive message that he would see what he can do for me. He totally came trough and got me everything I asked for.

So like it or hate it?

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