Andrelon has had the oil & care line for a while now but I never really tested it. I noticed some bloggers loved this spray so I picked it up from the store and decided to give it a test. Also this product has argan oil where I heard a lot of great things off. So read more...

I love the design of this bottle it has some really strong points. The purple is ofcoarse a trademark of Andrelon and the lettering is great in contrast. There are also some holographic details that make it look a bit more expensive but do not take very well to the flash of my camera. Also props for including a cap on the bottle this makes it more easy to pick up without directly spraying it. You might think that is silly but I can not count how many times I had product on my floor because I accidentally sprayed with it. The bottle lays good in the hand and is not to heavy to use with one hand.

Semi Budget
This spray is 3.40 euro for 250ml. It is not really expensive in my books for a big bottle. Most of my sprays have 200ml in comparison. This anti tangle spray promises to make dry hair soft and easy to comb. Also it serves as heat protection. Of coarse I wanted to test out how good it helps me to get the tangles out of my hair.

How did it work?
I tested this product for two weeks. First off, I adore the smell! When I showed I sprayed it in my damp hair and waited for it to dry, just as the package told me. While brushing my hair I noticed that it went smoother then it normally did and left my hair soft and shiny. Also my hair seemed to be more light, bouncy and fluffy. I can not say that my hair was heavy or turned oily, so two thumbs up for this product! The only thing that is not so great is that you have to use it on damp hair, so the search for a good anti tangle product that can be used on dry hair continues.

I actually tried this product on dry hair to see how the effect was. Not that great. So really use it on damp hair.

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