Starting fresh with my first life in pictures of this year. I got some funny, some sweet and some awesome pictures. Actually is it just snips of my life. So take a look! Also do not mind the wig and I want to note, it was a great month.

When I walked into my local Ici Paris XL I had no clue what scent I wanted to buy. Ofcoarse I have a long wishlist of scents that need to be in my collection but I was on a very small budget. Ici Paris XL currently has a sale with 50-70% discounts. So I sniffed around and my eye or should I say nose fell on Jil Sanders Sun Sorbet.

In my last ebay haul post I showed this little paris bag and recently I also bough a few nailpolishes and today the first one of those. Number 06 what is a stunning blue teal shade.

Today I have a very lovely Etsy shop for you, Taylor Made Flasks. Taylor sells these beautiful handmade flasks on Etsy. She has been crafting custom flasks for over a year. Her designs are printed on high quality waterproof vinyl coated with an UV laminate. They are high gloss and durable. Any flask can be personalized. I must say there are many great designs that I want to show you, so read more!

I wrote about Creative Use of Technology in this article about smartphone covers. Many people commented on how pretty these covers look and today I have an other pretty treat for you guys. As you might have noticed in the title, this post is about earrings. not one pair but four pair of earrings.

Today I feel like wearing Net-A-Porter. I was browsing their eye-candy online when I decided to make a complete outfit of sale items that I would love to wear. Last time I wrote about H&M and Asos but today I decided to go a bit more expensive. So read more and tell me what you think of the outfit!

I can not tell you how excited I am for this new addition for Rimmel! This liplaquer is amazing, really amazing. I am semi-bouncing in my chair thinking about buying more of these. I currently own one color that I am going to review but I am trying to get my hands om many more shades.

Twisted company is a dutch based webshop that has been running since 2012. There goal is to offer trendy jewelry at a low price. So want to read what I think about my ear cuff?

This is the story of my mom who went mental because she could not find a Christmas gift for me. I only had one request and that was a pair of earrings that where unique but suited for many outfits. A few days before Christmas she told me that she could not find a thing that I would like and that she would prefer it if I went to the jewelry store with her to pick something myself....
Note eyecandy ahead!

Today I am going to show you Nivea Soft. This highly effective, quickly absorbed formulation delivers a fresh feeling moisture boost to skin.The refreshing formula of Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil leaves skin feeling sensationally soft and smooth, delivering long-lasting moisturisation for your face, body and hands. Atleast that is what the product claims, read more to see what I think of this. 

Creative use of technology is a young company, who specializing in products which are made with a lasercutter. They make all sorts of products, But mostly wooden phone cases and jewelry. The products all have their own design and are made of quality material. So, you want to see these covers? 

Today the sundayQ is: What is your favorite brand? 
What brand is always perfect as a gift to you? Mine is really simple as you might have guessed from the above picture. It is Mi Moneda I adore my coin pendant and I have been wearing it for a year now, it is really something suited for many outfits. You can view my collection here and also here I have one of my favorite coins Hamsa Hands in Rose. But even when Mi Moneda is my favorite brand there is an other brand that is also slowly creeping into my favorite list. As you have seen before My iMenso also have beauty full coins.

Wow, what a large response yesterday at Spam my blog. I found a lot of nice blogs if you have not posted your blog in that article, you should do it soon. Also I noticed that Sonja was in the running for the look of January.  I think she looks lovely in her picture so if you think the same you should vote for her here. But today something different or to be honest not so different, I showcased my ebay ring last time. Remember the Botswana Agate? Today I got my two other rings from the same seller.

I love finding new blogs to follow and to give my lovely readers the option to also promote their own blog. Today this article! So do spam your blog and I would love it if you wrote a bit about your blog. What makes your blog special or interesting? And you might gain a few followers!

Andrelon has had the oil & care line for a while now but I never really tested it. I noticed some bloggers loved this spray so I picked it up from the store and decided to give it a test. Also this product has argan oil where I heard a lot of great things off. So read more...

Coming this februari is a new essence collection. There are some things leaving and we are getting some great things in return. Want to see my favorite new products? Note that all images are animated, so they move!

Yesterday I showed two quads and today I am going to show two lipsticks both from the Ultimate colour range. Pink is a color that fits many people and many outfits. I always say you can not go wrong with a good pink. Read more for swatches

As most of you know that it is that time again, Catrice is going to redo there collections and there is a lot of nice stuff that is going to leave and a whole lot of things things that we get in retun. I picked two quads and two lipsticks that I do think is worth running to the store for. Today the quads and tomorrow the lipsticks. Read more for swatches and some pretty nice pictures.

What is the one thing you are really lusting for. What is the one item you should pick if somebody told you you may only pick one thing from whatever store you want? Preferred something you can not afford otherwise.

Some time ago I picked up this product by l'oreal partly because the 'hydra' part drew me in and partly because it was cheap and I needed a new facial creme. Want to read what I think and see some swatches?

In my last today I feel like wearing article I picked H&M. Today I went to Asos and made a complete outfit that I would wear. It is a combination of nude and dark green. And strangly enough mostly items come out of the sale...

I am sure you guys might think that I my eBay addiction is over, think again! December was the peak month of my eBay spree and slowly all the packages are arriving. Instead of a big haul post I decided to share this one today. So did this amazing ring that I want to share. I actually got three rings from this seller but two still need to arrive. You might have seen the other two in this post

This is accually a Christmas gift I received from my mom, I picked it out myself but she decided the color. But that is not the point of this blogpost.

24 hour color tattoo has been in stores for a while now. And I have to admit that I didn't get the hype, what was so great about a eyeshadow in a glass jar? But one day I decided to pick up Always Green, partly because it was cheap and partly because I wanted to see what the hype is about.

As I promised myself I decided to get in front of my camera and share my outfits. While my posing is still awkward I do love this outfit. It has a few of my favorite things. Do read more for the detail photos and a rundown of the outfit.

So today I am going to share some firework pictures that I hope you will enjoy. Not a lot of text but some pretty pictures. Let me know what you think!
Also tell me in the comments how your 2013 started

As promised today some pictures of my ebay buy, the birdhouse key holder. I already wrote about my buy here and people who follow my instagram might have already seen a picture here. Today a little review but most important, some pictures.

The Holidays are passed and most people have as goal "Losing weight" for those people welcome to fit friday boot camp  Just kidding but this article is useful for girls trying to lose some weight. This artile gives a quick rundown about what you should and should not be eating and about how many calories your body needs. So read on for a simple explanation and some tips!

Goodmorning! Today I am going to share what I bought recently on ebay. I bought a few things that I really needed....Who am I kidding I just wanted to buy a load of stuff that I tough was pretty. So read more to see what I bought.

Today a semi-photo heavy article about my new coins. I have to admit that I have a slightly obsession with coin pendant and collection beautiful coins. Till this moment I only stuck to coins from Mi Moneda but that has changed thanks to a little jewelry store. I walked in to get a ring in a different size and I walked out with two pretty velvet bags filled with two coins. One Large and one small.

Today the last pictures of 2012 what I still have on my camera and wanted to share. Sadly enough this is a short one.

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