Hello 2014

I want to start this article with saying thank you to everybody who has played a part in my blog, small or big. To the readers who read my blog, to the people who told me they like my blog, to the people who worked together with my blog, to everybody just clicked my little link. 2013 held a lot of high notes for me but it was also a year that I am glad to pass so I can start a better year. Do read more what my plans are for next year.

Dark Vintage used

So recently I got these wonderful jeans from Jeans Centere and they are The Garcia Rosa Dark Vintage Wash a pair of nice jeans with regular straight legs and a normal waist. What I really like is the double button closure and the nice little details that you can read more about later. So do click read more because at the moment these jeans have a great discount. 

In love with purple hair and black kittens

I am currently in love with my plum ends, I think the color is stunning and now when it is slightly faded it still looks amazing. The only flip side is that I can not wear my extensions without looking like a zebra. But I do think my hair is at a very nice length at the moment so the extensions are not really needed. But I am planning to use a few pieces to create a braided headband for new years eve.

Also I am searching for a late Christmas gift for myself, I got a nice amount of money for Christmas with the message "buy whatever you want' but my mind went black at that moment and still has not reset. So if you have any idea's on what I can buy jewelry wise, do leave me a comment!

In instagram! 

Before I start with my instragram diary. I wanted to ask you all if you prefer it if I did on set days an instagram/diary post for 2014? Or just 'once in a while' like I did in the past. So leave me a comment with what you prefer. But enough rambling do read more for my pictures!

What I would love to get for 2014

I decided that I would stop buying so much jewelry and just set a goal of certain pieces that would complete my collection. I had a few key things that I really wanted and I decided to make a wishlist. Some things I specific want and some things I am still debating on what version I want. So do read more to see where to get this and what is on my wishlist.

Christmas Eve and  Christmas Day

I might not be the best poser, and my sisters bed does not make the best background. But I wanted to show my two outfit for Christmas. I lost 5 kilo so far but I had trouble finding nice things to wear. In the end I got a top and a dress. I might not look the 'most' festive but I really liked these two outfits. I wore a basic black skirt in both pictures, I really needed it on the left because H&M makes really short dresses. And the vest and blazer where both gifts I once received. The dress on the left is H&M currently on sale for 7 euro and the top is also H&M sale and only 5 euro.

Do leave me a comment with what you wore on Christmas, and if you have blogged about your outfit do leave me a link to the article. Please do not use this to spam your blog there will be a spam your blog article online in the new year

May all your wishes come true

So I want to use this article today to wish you all happy holidays and to thank some people. I want to start with the people who read my blog, it really means a lot that people like what I do and come back to read my blog every time. Also I want to thank the people who take their time to leave me a little comment, I do not always respond back but I read every comment and I adore hearing your opinion. And I also want to thank the people who follow my blog, I am currently at 173 followers and to me that is really a lot. I also had the opportunity to work with a lot of brands/stores and I want to thank them for the amazing collaborations. 

I do hope to make my blog even better the new year with better pictures and better articles. So I do hope you all will continue to read my blog.

Sequins from the Six

I normally do not walk into the six  because I prefer to haul my costume jewelry from eBay. But when I walked passed recently I noticed a 2+1 banner hanging in the window. I decided to have a little peek to see if they had a wallet that checked all my wishes. When I found a wallet that struck my fancy I also grabbed a little bag for everyday wear and then I had one free item that I could pick. I decided on something that I would never buy myself even when I adore clutches. I grabbed a sequin clutch. For full pictures do read more.


The thing that I really love is glitter, I can not explain how much I adore shoes with glitter and sadly enough I did not buy these glitter boots when I first saw them. These where originally somewhere round 40 euros and I could not justify to buy it because I already own to many short boots. I really wanted these in black with silver but I decided to get the brown with gold. So if you want to know where I got these and for how much do read more!

I do not really need this..

Hi there! So today I want to describe a situation where I am pretty sure many of you can relate to. You are strolling an online shop and then you notice something that seems 'strange' but somehow you are attracted to it and before you can think you toss it in your online basket. You do not really need it but it are things that are very great to own. Today I have many socks and a spoof of a kigurumi!

Rock Muse Smokey Top Coat

So recently I picked up this very lovely topcoat. But after owning it for a few days I have mixed feeling about this topcoat. The NYC rock muse smokey top coat is a mix of silver and red glitters and something that seemed perfect for Christmas. I even picked up a green version to work in the perfect holiday nails. I picked this up for €2.49 what is pretty darn cheap. So read more to see how this looks on nails.

I would love your input.

The plan was to add a new lay-out in the new year because it seemed fitting. But strangely enough my blog stopped working yesterday and after it loads it flashes to a white screen. After a tad of searching I noticed there was something wrong with my code so I decided to showcase my new lay-out early and 'tada' my blog is working again. I know this is different then what I had before and I know a lot of people who loved my previous look, but I do hope you all will also love this layout. Do leave me a comment with what you think.

Pure oil

Supernaturals.nl was so kind to send me a bottle of Argan oil to try. They send me a 100% biologic oil that you can view here. I took some time testing this out because it was my first time using argan oil. I found a lot of information that I want to share with you all, but I also want to share my own experience. So do read more!

I hope

Recently I was browsing my old blog and I was horrified by a few of my old make-up looks. So I decided to retry and make an old look better. I decided to go for the 'strange' yellow and green combination I was did by using a gosh palette. I found the same gosh palette I used back then I went to town! Read more for the results. The first image is the before and the second one is the one I recently made

Hunger games and other things that make my hungry

Currently I am watching the hunger games, I never had the time to watch the movies before so I decided to make this weekend the hunger games weekend. I already read the books and they where very lovely and I am sure the movie will not disappoint. 

I also need to learn a lot because my tests are coming up on Sunday. I do not really have nerves this time because I know what it coming. Still I would like a very good grade. So fingers crossed on Monday.

Also I am working on a new Lay-out, I am pretty sure that those who follow my instagram might have seen it. It is very inspired by minimalism and a tad less pink. I am really excited to finish this lay-out. I do hope to get it up by the end of the year.

Also I am crazy about salads as the moment. I have been really stocking my fridge with things that would fill up my salad and make it a tasty bunch.

Ready set spam!

I already found a few new blogs that I adore the last time I did a spam your blog. Some recently commenters have really lovely blogs but I am in search of more blogs to follow. So leave a message with your blog and what it is about and I will check it out and perhaps more people will also take a look. I love seeing what you all blog about!

Also I would love it if you followed me on blogloving or/and liked this post. here is a link to my bloglovin ;D

Need some motivation

So for today I decided to make an other motivation post. I adore making these because they are really great. Do leave me a comment with what your favorite image is from this article and what motivations you to live healthy and work-out. More pictures if you read more!

35 On and on Bronze 

Do let me tell you about my addiction to color tattoo by maybelline. I am currently at my 6th color and I am in love with them.  I already own Pink Gold Light in purple Metallic Pomgrate Always Green & Infinite White. All colors that I really love. I use pink gold almost daily and the other colors are also perfection. But soon my heart called for a more 'normal' shade that would be great for daily wear. So I went out and bought on and on Bronze. Do read more for swatches and a look.

A lot of bracelets!

I am currently in love with bracelets again and I found a lot of nice ones on eBay. These are perfect stacking and making your favorite arm party combinations. I tried to keep it very budget so you can buy more then one and really make a set of bracelets. So do read more to see where you can get everything!

Love this little pearl

So recently my mom told me I could pick a new coin for my pendant. I am pretty sure most of my readers know what coin pendant I am talking about because I love raving about it. So I decided to go for an Imenso coin that was made completely out of the shell of a pearl. I went for a small but this also comes in a large. I think these coins are really perfect for everyday wear because they suit everything. This one was if I am correct €8.95. Do read more for an other picture.

Not a great week...but decent

So today I have an other currently for you. I am debating on changing the currently to something ells or atleast a different name to sort them better. But that will be done in the new year. As you might have guessed from the title it has not been a good week on some fronts. So if you click read more you will ready why. 

In love with Adidas and Nike

I love two things, good sport clothing and discounts. And today I combined those two passions I found 4 pieces of clothing that fit that brief and these are from Zalando. One of my favorite online shops, they have so much sport gear and shoes and clothing. So read more to see where to get the above pieces and how much they cost now. You will not be disappointed. 

Save, Spend, Splurge

While searching for the perfect Christmas dress I strolled pasted the online shop from Nelly one of my favorite online shops because they have everything for every budget. I went and picked my top three dresses from different price classes, so do read more for the links to these dress and how much these actually cost.  

Vitamin E day cream

So a while ago I got this vitamin E moisture cream at the body shop. The site mentions that this is one of there bestsellers you can view the product here. I payed €17 for 50ml of this product and do read more to see what I think and see more pictures.


As promised I will try and post more gift idea's for Christmas. Some will be budget like today and some will be more expensive. As I said for today I am going to show you all something very lovely and budget. As you might have guessed with the sloppy collage above, the theme is going to be watches. I found a lot of nice watches that would be perfect as little gift for a friend or as stocking filler for a loved one. I think these are great for all year round, these are really inexpensive but look very nice. Also you can buy 50 watches to match every outfit you own. Do read more to see where to get these!

Black Boots with studs

I actually wanted to show you all these boots ages ago but I never got round to taking pictures. I have been wearing these non stop for a while now and I am totally in love with them. They are everything I want in boots, they have laces and studs. Also these walk like heaven and I can shop for days on these. I am not sure what the correct therm is for these, I like to call these my biker boots. And these lovely boots where only €34.90 here at Deichmann also read more for an other picture of these boots. Also do leave me a comment with how you would wear these.

December, be good for me!

Happy new month! And it is the last month of this year so I am super excited for the holiday season. I got a few things planned for this month and I am pretty sure there will also be great articles about that. So my head is really full of ideas at the moment and if you click 'read more' I will tell you what I am planning for this month.

Why and how

Recently I have been watching a few resistance band workouts and I was debating if I wanted to incorporate them into my daily workouts. I went and searched for the benefits on using them, I searched youtube videos that we can follow and last but not least I went to search for these bands online, and most important where you can get these for cheap. So if you are interested, do read more!

I always tought flamingos where pink and peach was peach....

So recently I ordered 3 things from Asos, they all had peach in the name but I was wrong to imply all items where peach colored. So today I am going to tell you about my first BarryM lipstick, do read more for swatches and more pictures!

My new favorite

Recently I posted an article with my 3 items from ASOS that all had a peach theme. I did not intend to write a review for this polish but somehow I fell in love with the shade as soon as I held the bottle of varnish in my hands. And slowly peach melba became one of my favorite shades! Read more for swatches and a link where to get this

Kakao for the dry skin

Recently I went to Germany and hauled some nice beauty stuff, I also picked up the body butter that you see above. I did not have the option to sniff this one because the butter was covered with foil for hygienic, but I decided one can never go wrong with chocolate. So do read more...

Unique and funny handmade jewelry for a cheap price.

Recently I was contacted by the owner of Shiny Stuff if I wanted to receive some jewelry to review.  I took a look round her site and fell in love with the collection. She sells a large variety of handmade jewelry that would fit a lot of people. I received two things that I will show you if you click the read more button.


With the holidays round the corner I am looking for perfect things to order as small little cute gifts. Now I do know that bags normally do not fall under little gifts because they can be really expensive at times. But when you know where to search you will always score a grand deal. If you click read more you will find links to the above bags that are all under $12

Why weighing in everyday is bullshit

I normally do not share youtube videos but I really wanted to share the above because it made an impact on me. We live in a world where weight is important, I would be lying if I did not monitor my weight. But I know people who step on the scale everyday and then really stress out if the scale shows they added 0.5 pound. The above video shows how much can impact your weight, if adding a few glasses of water can add that to your weight, the same could be said for not having pooped or just eaten something. Again I would really advice you watching the video above! My advice for today would be step on the scale every week or every two weeks if you really want to monitor your weight. 

What do you think about the youtube video?

Fashionology twig hoop earrings

Twig Hoop Earrings

Recently I ordered a pair of earrings from Fashionology and to be honest I should have ordered sooner because they have amazing jewelry pieces. They have a load of amazing rings and necklaces that I really want to own. I decided to start my collection by getting a pair of hoop earrings, I also got these because I wanted to treat myself for acing my first test at my new school. But enough blabbering, I am sure you would like to see some more pictures.

Pink Baroque palette 

I normally do not buy eye shadow palettes but for this arts collection palette I made an exception, first because I love the package and second because I love baroque. You might have seen the Nail polish from this collection. So read more to see more pictures of this palette but also swatches and a look.

My new amazing glasses!

As some of you might have seen on instagram @DennaMichelle. I got a pair of new glasses and I am really happy with them. You know that glasses can really get expensive if you are searching for good quality yet Classicspecs has found a way to only ask $89 for a pair of glasses that are anti-reflective coated also have I mentioned they give part of it to the charity New Eyes for the Needy assists children,the working poor, and the elderly in all parts of the United States. With the help of New Eyes, children can learn properly, adults can find employment, and the elderly can continue to live their lives safely. Also did I mention they have free shipping? Do read more for a review and more pictures of my new glasses

My budget ASOS order

Recently I placed a very budget order at ASOS  I decided to pick up some things that I really needed opposed to things that I really wanted. But when I finished paying I noticed one strange thing, I bought three things that all had 'peach' in their name.

The first thing is Flamingo peach a moisturizing Lip Paint by Barry M. It is currently on sale for only €4.72 while it normally costs €6.05. They also have more colors on sale here
The second thing I tossed in my basket is Peach Melba a lovely nailpolish shade that is on sale for €2.70, also blue moon is on sale.
And the last is a rimmel powder called Peach Glow that is on sale for €3.37 

What do you think about these peachy items?


Today I got a really unique concept for you all. Time for Watching one of my favorite webshops designed there own jewelry collection that say more than words can say. It features rings. bracelets and necklaces so it is a full collection, all feature the same personalizing concept. So do read more to see what I got and a lot of pictures.


To be honest I was having a small "Buy not nail polish" moment but that passed when I saw the new Limited Edition by Catrice. The Arts Collection has to be one of my favorite collections up to date. I adore the barok and the art deco but strangely I picked one of my least favorite styles as nailpolish art nouveau. But I adore the green shade so I had to have it. I want to start by saying, these pictures do not do the polish justice. It is a foil like green with a load of silver shimmer what makes it seem silver in certain lights. Read more for an other picture of this polish close up.

Time for a lot of pictures!

At times we just need motivation to work-out or keep eating healthy. I personally think that images can help motivate you. I made collages of my favorite images so I do hope you can find some motivation here. A hint, these can also be used as background for your phone..So you always have some motivation near you.

Hello Instagram!

Recently I have been more and more into instagram, it can show a lot of my life without me having to take my big camera with me. I also think that even with my slightly bad phone camera the pictures still turn out good. So today I am going to take you trough my life, in pictures.  To follow me on Instagram please go here So do read more.

Budget versions.

Recently I have been really loving vests as a statement piece ,something to spoof up boring outfits and add a bit more shape. And personally I think fall and winter are the season to keep on layering. Also I think the pieces that I picked out for you all will fit many different wardrobes. I would love to hear what you think. If you want to see where you can get the above pieces, do read more.

My current favorite

I have always been a big fan of Catrice eyeliners somehow they are always great quality for a cheap price. Recently I spotted an eyeliner that I had not tried before. The ultra fine ink eyeliner. Somehow this reminds me of the Catrice ink eyeliner that everybody adores, so I decided to pick this up in the normal version. There is also a waterproof version but I tend to stick with normal versions. So for €2.99 I picked up Black on Track or so the package tells me it is called on internet I see it being called Black is black...

Angry Birds Nail art

Today I got something that I have been wanting to show you gals for sometime now. I have been rocking it on my nails but I have not gotten the chance to write this article. So today I got an article about the water water decals that KKcenterHK send me to try out. Read more to see what I think about this way to decorate your nails. 

Ready set spam!

New month new chances, I already found a few new blogs that I adore. Some recently commenters have really lovely blogs but I am in search of more blogs to follow. So leave a message with your blog and what it is about and I will check it out and perhaps more people will also take a look.

Also I would love it if you put in the comments what I can improve on my blog!

Never give up

The above quote is from Richard Exely, a man I have not heard off before but a quote that stuck with me. So today's article is for everybody who is struggling and is having a hard time. For those people who are like me trying to loose weight without success or should I say like I was. It took such a long time for me to loose some weight and I do not want to be to happy but I feel like the weight is finally slowly going down. Read more for more words of motivation.

70 Metallic Pomegranate

I  wrote 4 times about the color tattoo. But recently I got a new one and I wanted to showcase the color. The information provided in this article is the same as in the other articles because the pricing and quality is all the same I just copied and pasted it. So read more for 70 metallic pomegranate, a stunning dark red/ maroon shade.

Ebay Basket

Recently I filled up my wishlist with a lot of nice jewelry. Some things I directly bought and some things that are still on my maybe list. I wanted to show you guys some of the most pretty things on my wishlist. To cut things short, read more for links and prices.

Stamping plate Skull Check Leopard Giraffe Zebra Flower 

A few days ago I got a new stamping plate from KKcenterHK and I was so eager to try it out I ripped open the package and went to work. The stamping plate features a checkered pattern but also leopard, giraffe, zebra and small flowers. I am really excited to show you the results. So please read more.

November 2013

It has been a while since I wrote a currently, or at least it seems like a while. So today a currently with what is up with me. Some things I am debating and some things that I am loving. Somehow I find it hard to write a long nice introduction to this article, so I would like to say 'click read more for my currently' that is thankfully a lot longer then the introduction.

Welcome to my blog

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