I know a lot of people write press Sunday or publish every press information that strikes there mailbox. I personally do not prefer to do that. I want to show you what I like and what the highlights are. You do not need to read the same article over and over again on every blog. So I am introducing to DennaMichelle News Flash! I collect what I think is interesting and I will show you....In a flash!
And I will also include a blog that I came across that I think deserves a spotlight.

Today we have, Zara, Essence, L'Oreal, Trekpleister and Dat Gekke Meisje

I admit I am a deodorant hoarder. I have a deodorant in every room and I love using them. These two are currently sitting in my living room by my tv, during my workout I always love a spray of deodorant. I actually picked these two up without smelling them, I just went from the beautiful packing, what of coarse my biggest weakness is.

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