Today a battle but also a semi-review for Balea Oil Repair. I was just about to buy a bottle of Biosilk from Douglas but I decided to wait for a bit to see if there was more discount or a special offer somewhere ells. Now every week I go to a German drugstore called DM. I am sure I mentioned that before. So while browsing the racks I came across oil repair, they actually had a whole line including shampoo and conditioner.
 For the battle it is good to know that a bottle of Biosilk silk therapy sets you back 16.80 euro for 50 ml. Balea oil repair is 2.95 euro for 100ml. So 33.60 vs 2.95 for a 100ml. A difference of more then 30 euros. But then the question remains, what is better? Or is one even better then the other?

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