Today a nice story about a girl who is addicted to ebay and why. I know I post a lot of stuff I buy on ebay but today I am going to share my process and why I buy to much.

The tale of picking color
While I normally go to a store and see what fits me best I am at a disadvantage while shopping online. While I am browsing online I see so many things that have options. Now when you give me options I panic. A simple question if I want silver or gold on the haircuff makes me wonder what would suit me best. I have white hair so silver might not show up that much, but the gold might also blend in with the hair?  My mother would say that in doubt "Do not buy it" I always try to practice that but when in doubt I buy both on Ebay. Seeing that it is so cheap, why not get every color....

The gift for others
I love to give little knickknacks to other people as a gift, and when you get it on ebay it is original and special. The thing is that when I buy something for other people I have a little voice inside my head that says "What if you want to keep it? Buy one for yourself in case it looks awesome" So in the end not one but two end up in my little virtual basket.

I need it, or not?
At times I really capture myself at saying "Butttttttt I need it" See the above watch, that is a watch that counts callories you burn while working out. Amazing right? Lets put aside the fact that I know how many calories I burn while using my home trainer and that my Wii games automatic tell me how much I burn. Because this watch is special and I need it, well maybe not but it is a cute gadget right?

Disclaimer, I actually didn't win the gray one but I won a pink one instead.

The winners feeling, I NEED TO WIN!
Normally I am a buy now girl, I love to buy now because I want it now. I do not want to wait for 2 hours in hope of winning something. But that logic flies out of the window the moment you combine my weakness "Jewelry" and "BidOnly" See the above rings, they are amazing right? And I got them dirty cheap. It all started with the center one, I only wanted one ring with gemstones and that one fit my criteria. Now I won that for 0.99 dollar and instant put me into the winning mood, the next one in purple I won for 1.51 dollar and I got a pink one for 3.25 dollar. See the price going up for each ring? That is because I needed to win. My brain went on autopilot and started bidding.

Maybe 2013 needs a ebay ban? Then again I do not want to take away the ebay posts from you all ;D

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