So in my little office space at home I have a big mirror and a self made vanity table. I am going to show you all a few things that I have on my table that is not make-up. If you want to see my beauty or nailpolish stash do leave a comment.

The mirror
My mirror is really dirty so I still need to clean that, hanging on my mirror is the mask you see in the first picture and a metal plate of Miss Monroe. I used to have a whole lot of cards and inspiration hanging on my mirror but I recently changed it so only these two could stay. The mask is from a carnival costume I once wore. I went as a superhero and that was my mask. And Marilyn Monroe is there because I adore her.

The most important thing, toilet paper and soap.
I used to be a girl who had a box of tissues and a whole lot of make-up remover wipes on my table. I would use only a bit of the tissue or wipe and then toss it away. Very expensive to do and not really eco-friendly, I debated on what I could do to change it. So the cheap solution is soap and toilet paper. Toilet paper is not as big and expensive as tissues and the soap can be used to clean whatever I want. I use this daily for more then one thing. I use it to remove swatches from my hand, I clean make-up packages, I clean my hands after applying foundation. Also if my lipstick is to bright and to much I use the toilet paper to soften it and when I got eyeliner under my eye I just use the tip of the toilet paper and clean it of.

Perfect combination in my eyes. Also the soap is from Balea Dark Glamour Limited Edtion, I already wrote about the deodorant here  and it has the same unique smell.

Love my brushes
Next up we have my brushes and a little glass of water. Excuse the pencil standing with my brushes because it did sneak in there. I have this adorable little mug that was perfect for holding my brushes and the little glass is actually to hold little candles.

So you might have notice that the glass is kind of dirty, you might wonder what does Denna do with dirty water. I fill and clean this glass every week and I almost use it daily for eye shadow with decent pigmentation that works beter wet. I just dip my brush into it and apply my eye shadow wet. I used to run to the sink and back with my brush before using this little glass.

So my brushes, with a very tacky design. These are mostly from ebay seeing I can not afford expensive brushes. I wished I could but not at the moment. The different colors are all sets that I bought for a few euros from ebay. I bough three sets seeing I need to replace the brushes from time to time. These are accually not clean, and remind me that I need to clean them....

So this is a little peek of what I use daily. 

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