Let me start with article with stating the fact that I do not like lip gloss but prefer lipstick. But because I adore the package and color of these Watershine glosses I tossed them in my basket to try them out. Also the fact that Maybelline was 50% off helped a bit. Read more for swatches, pictures and of coarse the review.

As I sad above I had a 50% discount for these two lipglosses and only payed 1.65 euro a piece. If my calculations are correct they normally cost 3.30 euro in Germany. Now I have to note for the Dutch girls that Kruidvat/Etos also sells these but they cost a bit more than in Germany thanks to import costs and taxes. But enough about money and my frustrations that Holland is more expensive.

The package
What I adore about these glosses is the package, the gradient cap is very girls and right up my street and the gloss itself is only as tall as my middle finger. For reference this this very short by lip gloss comparison the lip gloss is half of my other glosses. The water shine gloss holds 5 ml of product, if I compare it to essence or catrice is the same amount in half the package. Two thumbs up for Maybelline because this gloss is cute enough to toss in my handbag. But then again the question is how much color does it give and what is the staying power? But first let me type a bit about the wand to apply the gloss with.

The wand
The wand is slightly curved and that is a first for me. I can see why they made this decision because it is a tad easier to apply the gloss with. I have nothing negative to say about the wand it is easy to apply and it only takes one dip for a full lips worth of gloss.

The Gloss
Talking about the gloss, both have a smell that I can not place. If I had to take a guess I would say these glosses are like a fruit milkshake. It is a very pleasant smell that makes we want to re-apply it over and over. And the sad truth about these glosses is that you have to apply them over and over because the staying power is not that great, a few sips of my drink and the gloss is almost gone.

But enough typing I am sure you want to see the swatches

Baby Pink

I have to admit that I like this shade, sadly enough it did not cover the discoloration on my lips thanks to the cold weather. But the shade is a beauty full nude color that is perfect for an extreme eye look.

Strawberry Carat
Strawberry Carat is a shade that is a bit darker but looks very natural. This one has more deep color then baby pink.

Bonus shot!
As said I adore baby pink so I decided to check it out with my Catrice Hollywood Fabulous 40's lipstick.  Hello Kim Kardashian lips, people who know me know I adore miss Kardashian and the glossed up version of this lipstick reminds me of the shade she wears. I have to admit that this is my favorite combination that I am going to wear a lot.

So to conclude this plea, the staying power is not that great but the gloss is beautiful.
What shade is your favorite?

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