At times you feel like getting a whole new outfit. To wear something new from head to toe. So I decided to pick a few items that I would love together and what I would love to wear in real life. H&M currently has some beautiful pieces in the current, so read more for the lovely items I picked.

Let me start with the details, I picked a necklace and a pair of earrings. The Necklace is a stunning statement piece that is perfect for the Holidays. Sadly enough this necklace is 50 euros for plastic stones, I wished they where real stones because then it would be worth it. Also let me take a hour to talk about these earrings.  For only 4 euro you can own a pair of classy earrings. I think these would look perfect with a dress but also with a pair of jeans and a blazer.

Then we have the shoes that are very JC Lita style. These shoes are perfect! I love the round nose and the wood colored heel. Also props for the platform because it takes walking so much easier. I can see myself stomping around in these everyday. I was kind of sad that H&M only made these in black because I already own so many black shoes, yet these are perfect! The top see trough and black, it is a basic in my eyes. I can see many outfits with this blouse. I can see it with a black top under it and a colored one. I can see this in the summer, spring, fall and winter if paired right. This one is high on my wishlist in black and blue

What can I say, This bag has glitter and is envelope shapes. Perfect for when you need to carry a few things to a party or prom. I must admit that I love this color but hate the black one. The black one has to many colored glitters for my taste. Now to end my outfit is the real statement these pants! I nearly died when I spotted them. Only 20 euros I need them, I want them! These are so attention grabbing that I just need to rock them daily.

So what do you think?

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