You might have noticed that I didn't post yesterday, I was sick and sadly enough didn't have a post ready to put online. Fun fact that is as I am writing this I am looking outside at the first snow of the year! But that is not what this is about, the strange title might not give a clue but the picture might. Yes I am talking about hair cuffs today.

With the holidays I prefer to do something extra with my hair but at times I do not have the time to bring out my curling iron or just spend more then a few minutes on it. Those days I just go for the hair cuff. These lovely little things add a bit of bang to your simple ponytail or braid. I personally prefer to wear this with a messy ponytail or a big fishtale braid

Where did you get those
Some time ago H&M sold hair cuffs but I have not seen them in stores lately. Ofcoarse I went online to Ebay! Ebay has a lot of different haircuffs, they have the version I bought but also a bigger open cuff that is perfect for decorating your high bun. But also elastics that feature skulls and much more. My haircuffs come from one seller called cnbirdsfly and I must say that I am very pleased with this seller. My haircuffs came in a nice bubble envelope and they where free of scratches. Also these where a fraction of the price H&M sells them for these where only 1.30 euro a piece, so 2.60 for both. They are very sturdy and feel like metal.

Some last words
Now I admit my white hair is not perfect for haircuffs because I had no idea what color I should get. At times like this I wished I had darker hair because then these cuffs would really stand out. 

Also excuse my hair in the last picture, I had a hard time taking the picture myself and my hair was frizzy because I curled them the day before. But I hope this shows how the haircuff looks.
So want a little something for your hair these holidays, I would say go for these cute gold and silver haircuffs 

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