So today I received something really nice in my mailbox, there is going to be a new box for you lovely dutch girls. Beauty boxes have been trending for a while now but this one has a twist...

This box is by Boudoir by Mail. This is not your typical beauty box but a box that has a pair of panties. Yes you heard me right a pair of beautiful french-made underwear shall be delivered to your door in a special box. It is a monthly subscription that costs 14.95 euro.

In my eyes this is a decent price for a pair of nice knickers but we have to wait and see how the first box turns out.

At the moment the site is still work in progress. Starting this month the momment the site goes online and you can order you can use the code "BBM2012"  for a 10% discount [use before 26th of december] 

But there is more, you can follow BoudoirbyMail now at twitter to be eligible to win a perfume.

I am keeping my eyes peeled and I have high hopes. The moment I know more I will keep you updated ofcoarse.

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