It been a while since I last had a news flash sadly enough I am not a really big blogger yet. So I do not get so many press images and information, but I am working on it. I already mailed a few amazing brands so who knows. But if you have a webshop/brand do send me a mail and check out my press package on the contact page.
But no fear I did find some lovely gems to show you today, with a lot of discount. So read more!
We have H&M, Chanel, Teeez, Etat Pur, Douglas and an amazing Tumblr

ChanelChanel is a amazing brand when you want something special, they currently have a new limited edition out for the holidays. 
The new oversized N°5 Bath Soap refines the art of pampering, lightly scenting skin with the now and forever perfume. A pure limited-edition luxury presented in a beautiful coffret with a deluxe soap dish for the perfect gift.

You can get this beautiful soap and soap dish for 75 euro. A tad expensive but so lovely, I just had to share. I would love to put this in my bathroom and just stare at it. But I would be slightly scared that if somebody uses my bathroom with dirty hands that they would dirty up the soap. So I think I will pass on this one. Still amazing design by Chanel!

This webstore currently has a few stunning item in the sale. If I had the money I would order these four items. They are amazing! The waxed jeans are fitted for every wardrobe in my eyes and the other pieces are perfect for a party. Look at those glittery shoes!

Sadly only for the Dutch girls this one, Douglas currently has 20% sale on there make-up. So if you still need some make-up to finish your holiday look I would say "Check out Douglas!"

Etat Pur
Today you can get a 20% discount if you use the code XMAS2012 and I know what lovely thing you can buy with this code ready. Currently they have amazing giftboxes ranging from 27-38 euro's. I swear by this brand so if you have not tried it out yet, you should! Also Etat  pure has a great initative and that they will plant a three for every box you will buy. This will be done in AmazoniĆ«.

Currently Teeez has a new collection in stores called La Isla Chique.The collection is based on the latest catwalk trends out of Soa Paulo, New York and Milaan and are packed in high end boxes yet they do not break the bank. You can check here for stores that sell Teeez cosmetics. What I love the most about this collection is the packaging, the style is amazing and it looks beautiful enough to give as a gift. I would not mind getting a few of these gems myself. On my wishlist is currently the lipstick and the eyeliner. Especially the lipstick is high on my list for a few reasons, the color is stunning [and that is the most important one] but also the rose colored tube and the printed cap are so pretty that I just want to toss it in my bag and take with me.

I love being on Tumblr and reblogging amazing pictures and finding inspiration. Now I know a girl online that has an amazing tumblr. I asked her if I could feature her here because her style is amazing. Now I could write a long story about why you should check it out but I am just going to give you think link so you can check it out yourself

So what do you think about this flash?

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