People who read my blog might have noticed that I said I wanted to reach 100 nail polishes before the year ends. Now I still got some time but I decided to count my polishes so I know how many my stash still needs. In the end I have 94 nail polishes so only six more to go. I decided to take some pictures of all my bottles. But because I ended up with a lot of pictures I decided to make a few articles with it. We are going from unloved to loved.

Do note, if you want to know a name of a polish or request a swatch/nailart please do leave a comment.

Glitters do not count.
These glitters do not count as nail polishes of coarse but I decided to include them because I use them primary for nail art. The four glitters I bought at a discount store and the center one was part of a cheap make-up halloween set.

We go way back
These seven polishes and me go way back, these are all very old polishes and most of them are thick. I use them for stamping because these work perfect with it. All these polishes used to be my moms so they are really really old. These are standing in the back of my drawer and do not see the light as much.

Glitters from safari.
These two where some of my first nail polishes that I bought myself. I adore glitters and these where dirty cheap so it was a no-brainer for me. I recently saw in the stores that you can still get this brand.

The strange ones
We have a few whites that I use as a base, my favorite being the left one from wet and wild. Then we have two polishes with glitter that I almost never use, the right glittery one was a failed experiment with glitter and clear nail polish  The pink one is also one that fits in my "I have no idea how old this one is" I almost never use these except for the third one, that is a clear polish that glows under a uv light.

Small smaller smallest.
These two are my tiny nail polishes but unused actually  The left one I got from a friend when Etos was giving away free nailpolish when you bought something and the right one my grannie ordered from Yves Rocher.

At the market
These fit into 'cheap cheaper cheap' this brand is sold at markets in Holland and is a decently brand. It is cheap priced but the quality is decent. I am a fan of the UV glow with little hards in it and the white is a perfect base for nail art.

I adore W.I.C
I adore this polish from W.I.C but sadly enough my only one of the brand. I have to travel a bit to get W.I.C nail polishes and they are a bit out of my budget sadly enough. I do think this brand is one of the best brands out there color wise and it is always original.

The ones I got as a gift
Left we have a lilac polish that almost does not cover so you need 6 layers. I do love the shade sadly enough the quality is not that great. Then we have two essence colors, the light blue one is amazing! And ofcoarse two polishes from Gosh that I once won, I have to admit that the old pink one is one of my favorites.

My top and base coats
Accually the title is a lie because the second and the last one I use to coat my rings with, so they do not discolor. But then we have my favorite polishes. The essence topcoats are perfect especially the better then gellnails one. And the P2 nail hardener is one of my favorites.

P2 crackle topcoats
The moment I took this picture it reminded me how I wanted the gold one of this brand. These are my only two crackle polishes, they work perfect and are budgetproof.

My discount bin polishes
These four Essence limited editions where not that special but pretty enough to fish out of a discount bin. These really need a good cleaning and a shake. I normally take the price stickers of products this one I forgot.

My pretty P2 polishes
I love this brand, the colors are amazing and the bottles are cute. They are cheap and good quality. Sadly enough they do not sell in the Netherlands but I have to travel to Germany to get them.

So these where my first batch, the second batch is mostly Essence and Catrice polishes.
So what do you think sofar.

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