Today I am going to show you some pictures of the last few weeks and exciting things in my life.

The above picture
The first one might look a bit strange but that one is from today, I gave blood for a blood test. To make a long story short I am getting tested to see what the medical reason is why I am not loosing weight, I train and eat healthy 24/7. So I should have lost weight by now. So today they took my blood and soon I will get the test results back, praying for something because I need to know why. The second picture is a reminder. It is not only for me but for everybody. Love is enough. At times I forget to love myself and this post-it next to me reminds me. So just a nice little reminder.

Yellow legs and new boots
I was super excited when I got my new boots, they go over the knee! But there is an other article planned to showcase my killer boots. Then we have next to that my yellow tights. My mom thinks they are horrible seeing she first mistook it and asked me "why are you walking with bare legs in the winter" Thanks mom for saying I normally have yellow legs. Do tell me fashionable people, Hit or Miss?

Lets have a drink
Left we have my own drink. It is a lot of yogurt, a whole banana and a spoon of peanut butter [crunchy] all mixed together and sliced by my kitchen helper. In the end I got this healthy but thick smoothie. It tasted amazing but was not so easy to drink, I debated if I should chew or just drink. Next to that we have my claw-like hand holder my new cup, it has glitter and it is a thermos mug. I use it for my soup it keeps it warm and I got it for only 2.50 euro. A steal!

Painting and water overdose.
Left we have my painting in progress, this is just the start of my painting. I splattered and messed the background up. Later I am going to paint something over it with my stencil. It tough it looked cute sofar so I decided to share it. And next to it we have my normal daily intake of fluids. Starting from left to right. Green thee that is cooled in the fridge, I normally drink 1.5 till 2 liters. Then center we have sugar free koolaid stuff in a two liter bottle, I really love the taste. And next to that we have my shaker seeing I start my day with an egg/protein shake.

Together and together
Then we have my prized kittens that decided to share a chair. I feared for the little one on the chair because the big one could fall on her and smash her. Thank god that didn't happen. It did let me think, me and my sister can not even sit next to each other without bickering, these two can share one chair. Props to them! And then we have my three ebay watches, very similar but in different colors.

My kitten on the news
Last but not least we have a picture that I send in, my picture was featured on the RTL news site from morning till late in the afternoon and they posted it on there special page here. Kind of special moment because I normally do not think my pictures are that special.

So how was your life lately?

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