I admit that I am a fan of trying new dye and when I saw the hairdye by L'oreal called Extreme Platinum with anti-yellow and high gloss elixir I was sold. Although it was partly because of the beautiful model, she sells it for me. So do read more for 'shocking' before pictures and of coarse the result.

Because my hair needed a rest I let the roots grow wild, normally these would have been dyed much sooner because I can not stand these dark roots. For your pleasure and to get a good view of the color I created a center part, normally I have a side part but everything for a good picture. So after taking this picture I read the box, important always check if your hair color is on the box, seeing some dyes do not work on dark hair.

  My hair is the same shade as the third one, so I am safe to go! I have been using box dyes for a while now [give or take 8 years] but because this box came with so many 'ingredients' I read the manual and did everything step to step.

Work in Progress
So the above picture shows everything in the package, left to right we have. The little plastic ball with the gloves, very good quality. Then we have a conditioner to use after the dye process. And the rest needed to be put into the bottle. So everything was easy to open and after everything was in the bottle I gave it a firm shake and roll. After the shake I had the surprise of my life. It squirted out!  It was a mini volcano eruption and I was thankful that nothing got on my cloths. So take note when opening it, it might fly out.

The process of applying the cream was not very pleasant because the liquid was very thick and hair to apply to every part of the hair, to give a hint I will show the result. Note the patch of dark hair right above my ear.

So I admit that getting it everywhere was hard. But there where also a few great things about this dye. It didn't drip so not need to stay in one spot while you wait [this takes 30-45 minuts] Also a big big big deal breaker for me is smell, this dye does not smell. Most dyes have a very toxic smell but this one smells nice. So I let the dye sit for exactly 45 minutes and then washed it out. The dye washed out very easy and I kept the water running till it was clean. As the package said, I applied the hairmask in the golden tube and let it sit for 2 minutes. Afterwards my hair was soft and it smelled clean. I can not stress enough how much I appreciate dyes that do not stink. 

We got some results
Look at that yellow color. Sadly enough this dye did not give me the result I wanted and it was semi-yellow. How much I loved this dye, the result is not for me. Perhaps if you have lighter hair you can get the result on the package but my middle brown hair did not love this dye

But no fear, I tried some of my own wondershampoo. I use Swiss o par and kept it in for a few minutes after washing it out the yellow was gone.

So no fear, purple shampoo can save the day.
I do love a lot about this dye, but sadly enough the result is too yellow for me.

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