Food, todays subject is very simple and that is food. Being fit and healthy is all about food and today I am going to tell you something about my vision about food and my motto, Your body is not a trashcan. I admit this is going to be a tad text heavy, but I got inspired. So read more about my vision and my story. Semi-personal en Semi-Fit
Note; This article was planned for yesterday, but I last minute decided to switch these two up.

When I am bored I eat...
Food is a thing in our life that comes back every time, it is the fuel that keeps our body running, it can make you happy but also sad. As I am writing this my body is telling me that I am hungry, a crave I can not answer because I know I am not hungry, I am bored and eating is a response to that. I would normally walk towards the fridge to get something healthy or a large cold glass of water. But tomorrow I need to be sober for a blood test so no food for now. I know the crave will end in a bit because I am writing this and working on something that cures my boredom.

Trying to loose weight or getting healthy is a long process and a lot of people have food cravings and I can tell you when it starts it is hell. You want to give up and just eat whatever comes in sight because you are 'hungry' But if you put that aside and get to know when your body is bored and when you are hungry you will only eat when your body really needs it. We need a certain fuel to keep going, we do not need a lot of junk food  You do not toss everything in the gass tank of your car, you give it what it needs. So why treat your body different

So you are saying I should not eat, starve myself?
Not at all, your body needs a certain amount of calories to run smooth and not to get in hunger mode. I calculated that I need between 1400-1700 if I want to loose weight, what my current goal is. Now to put that number into perspective a years ago I counted everything I ate, I weight everything that was put onto my plate. I ate under 1000 calories and I didn't loose a pound because I had nothing to burn and my body stored everything as fat. Often I see thinspo or pro-anorexia sites that tell you as long as you do not eat you will be skinny. No you will not. 

Fat girl. Eats a lot of junk
Let me tell you how many times I heard "How much do you eat!" in a surprised tone when I told people how much I eat. Yes I am bigger girl and I know that many people think I eat like a beastly women everyday. Weight and looks do not always say something about how you eat, some people try really hard to loose weight and will have such a hard time due to a disease or lower metabolistic system. So never judge a book by its cover because it will really hurt that person. If you eat healthy and can not lose weight, you should talk to your doctor because he might be able to give you some help.

Then how should I fuel my car
A lot of girls that I know skip there breakfast, that is a big flaw because your body has nothing to start the day on. Your breakfast should be big because you do not want to start with hunger and snack on everything you see. I would advise a nice balanced meal, you can have brown bread with fruit on the side or yoghurt. Following breakfast is not lunch but a snack. Yes, I see you raising your eyebrow at me. Why do you need a snack between meals? Because you need to give your car fuel to keep running, you want to your body running. Great snacks are fruit, veggies, yogurt, nuts and muesli. After your little boost the next meal is your lunch, again you should go for brown bread at minimal three slices with nice healthy things on it. You might think that bread gets boring, but it doesn't if you switch it up with a nice variation of topping. Also wraps are a nice alternative. Then your body needs a snack and your halfway trough your day. Dinner should be a lot of veggies that will keep you full and lean meat or a vegetarian counterpart. And you should end your day with a light snack, nothing to heavy because your methabolism slows down later on the day.

I eat healthy but still I have a hard time losing weight
Eating is a important thing but also what you drink is a keypoint, and I know a lot of girls nod while they read this might take a sip of there cola light. Put the light product down! This is something I learned a while ago, I talked about your body not being a trashcan right? Light products are demons that you do not want, they have aspartaam [google it] a unhealthy ingredient that has not had enough research to really be safe. Also close your eyes, although keep them open because reading might be hard with your eyes closed. But think about this, I am going to say you are getting sugar and something sweet. Your body knows this because your brain tells you that you have some sweet cola. And while you drink your body demands its sugar but there is not sugar in your light product, your promised some sugar but it isn't there! So your body craves sugar and that is why you might be tempted to get some 'unhealthy snacks' after drinking light products. You should not lie to your body because it will kick your ass. Then we have the fact that there are researches that prove that the moment you drink light products you store more fat. So take this from a girl who has been drinking Cola Light for 22 years, it is not worth it. There are so many good option to drink, water, tea, 100% fruit juice. You just think you need to drink cola because you see everybody doing it. If you saw in every tv show that they drank beer you would be tempted to follow, because it is normal.

I hope this article gave you a little motivation to eat more healthy and to check what you put into your mouth. 
Also give me some suggestions what you want to know about for the next fit friday! 

Note: All images used where from Tumblr sadly enough I did not find the original source. If one of these images is yours do send me a mail so I can give credit.

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