Everybody knows that ebay shipping is not fast especially when the seller is from china, hong kong or somewhere ells that is far from your own country. I admit that I am a little of a gift freak and I always buy everything far in advanced, so I had to order from ebay at least a month in advance. I was not sure these where going to come in before or after Christmas but I am going to show these today so you still have time to order them as gift...or for yourself.

Just to hang?
You might be thinking, birdhouses are for outside but these lovely little things can be used inside. There is a single and a double version, they both come with a house and a bird [or two] the idea behind this cute thing is that the bird is going to hold your keys. So are you like me and have trouble finding your keys from time to time? This is perfect for you. When you come home you set the bird back in the house and you will never lose your keys again.
But there is more! If you order now...
Okay that was a tad cheesy, I have to admit that. These birds are not only neat keychain decoration but also have a whistle in the tail. Is somebody bothering you? Just whip out your bird and blow for help.

I ordered the double one not because I have a guy in my life that owns a key to my house, hello sad single lady here. But because you can also hang some other things on it. I always lose my USB stick so one bird is going to own my data and one my keys. I also think these are cute hung in pairs. So a few houses next to each other.
There is one downside for these birds, if you want them cheap on ebay [talking between 2-3 dollars] you can not pick the colors. So you might get a brown house or you might get a white one. I am praying that my house will be white and that i will have one pink bird.

Click here to search ebay for these little perfect houses.

I think this is perfect to hang in your own house but also to give as a gift.
What do you think?

x Denna

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