Today we have a compact with some nice highlight powder. P2 is a German brand and sadly enough currently only available in Germany. I know this is a risky move talking about germany when today is the Dutch-German soccer game [just kidding] So today I am going to show you this limited edition. That I came to love.

First look
P2 is a brand that I would call budget, for this compact I payed a little over 3 euros what is decent for a highlighter powder. It is a sturdy compact that I would just toss into my bag without fear that it would break. It feels very smooth but is also a great fingerprint collector because it is so damn shiny/reflective. I love the font used for the "keep the secret" part but I would say that the rest of the lettering destroys a perfect package for me. Especially since it has enough information on the back.

I have no idea why it is has German and English lettering on the back. So if you live in America or England do tell me "Do you have P2 in the collection?"

One more note about the package because I do not want to write a long story just about the design. I adore the fact that it has a mirror, wide rims and a great opening and closing system.

A closer look
While taking a closer look you can see it has a very beautiful pinkish shade. While some pictures give the appearance of more then one shade that is just because of the reflection of the mirror. It is a whole 10 gram of lightpinkish glitterish highlighter, and yes I know those two words are not correct English. Now while taking pictures I took one big close up that took my breath away and really showed the glitter and color

Doesn't that look pretty?

How does it work?
As you can see at the above picture the pigmentation is amazing but if you apply to skin it leaves a nice glitter and shimmer, I must say this is a product that is really suited for those special days that you just need a little highlighter to feel more pretty. I love this product and I would say it is worth every cent.

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