Today we have some news about Mi Moneda, Asos, C&A,Chanel and Catrice.
A lot about Mi Moneda is here, so take a look!

My tweet got retweeted by Mi Moneda Uk/Ireland. Why was I so excited? I spotted some new Mi Moneda coins on the official Mi Moneda site. Sadly enough I can not find any prices of the new coins but I love how some of them look. But also they are introducing rings!

Yes rings! I got so excited when I saw this because these rings have the same system as the coin pendants. People who know me know I love my coin collection and pendant. So this ring is high on my wishlist. But I think I will need a sponsor because I heard this one is starting at 135 euro for the ring, and that is a bit to expensive for me. But that does not take away how stunning this ring is.

Also while taking a look one the the official Mi Moneda site I noticed how stunning this red new coin is. What do you think?

Now something a bit more different. Asos, all know and love the site. I ordered a lot of things from Asos and I always payed with PayPal. But I know a lot of Dutch girls do not have PayPal, for those girls [and guys] I have something good. Starting now you can pay with Ideal. So great because now you can buy a lot of stuff from Asos for the hollidays!

Granted I only own testers from Chanel  I do think the brand is stunning and I am a fan of Karl Lagerfeld. Now I have to admit that I am a bit of addicted to beauty full advertising and I actually adore the girl that they usesd in this one. The placement of the hands and the styling are amazing. Sadly enough even when it was a make-up advertisement I only looked at the styling. But I decided to look around the site to check out the new products and I fell in love with one.

The eye shadow looks very nice, the four colors fit perfectly for a everyday look and I must say that the print on the eye shadows make me melt a little. Is it not stunning?

Catrice, Catrice! I love you. I admit that I always look forward to the limited editions from Catrice and most of the times I buy the nail polish. Now a great move by Catrice is that they are bringing out a full collection of nail polishes, neon and naturals. Something for everybody. I picked out my favorites starting with naturals.

My top three are these, they are not really really nude and they are special enough to fit in my collection.
01 Be Naturally Crazy - The color is very light and very natural, perfect for the days you want to go nude but want something special.
05 Have A Good Day - A beautyfull grayish shade, I have high hopes for this one, it can really be a showstopper is the pigementation is good.

03 Makes Me Smile - It reminds me of  browno mars but lighter. 

In team neon there where also three polishes that spoke to me.
06 On The Bright Side Of Life - Stunning bright purple shade, most purples go towards Lilac of Dark but this one is just BAMN in your face purple. 
04 Mrs. Brightsight - I can see this shade being the most popular one if it is really colar. I do love it!02 For Bright Guys - A stunning shade of bright yellow, not for everybody but I do think it is a nice pop of color in the drab cold season.

What are you looking forward to?

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