I used to be a big comic fan and I adore batman. So while I was taking my daily ebay stroll I came across a ring that screamed my name. The ring itself was black with black stones, but that was not really me. I searched and searched and then I came across the gold version with white stones.

I am not going to write a long story about this ring because the pictures say enough in my eyes. The ring can be found on ebay with the words "Bat" "Double ring" "Sign" and any combination of it.

I have to admit when I bought this ring it was a double finger ring but I did not look at the size. Lesson learned: Always look at the size before buying. I was gutted and decided to make the best out of it and just try to fix it myself. I took a hammer and gave a few firm hits on the ring and it fell off. After having a loose batsign I glued a ringbase on it and tada! we have a ring

I think it looks cute without looking childish, what do you think?

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