I took some nice snapshots since the last life in pictures. I know a lot of people like seeing small parts of my life. So today I am going to show a bit of my food and stash, but ofcoarse also random pictures that do not deserve there own article but do deserve to get mentioned.

So to start with the food, I am trying to loose weight and tone up and I decided I needed a cute bowl to make soup in for when I want to treat myself to something nice.

Also more cute bowls. This is actually a funny story because I never had a grapefruit. But I heard they where healthy so why not! I cut it in two pieces ate one and stored the other in the fridge. Now I must say it is not my favorite kind of food but decent enough to eat again. So the next day I pulled out the other bowl, but it up and took a slice. I had no idea what happened but I was near vomiting [nice subject btw] so dumb little girl that I was tried it again after the vomiting feel was over, because I could not have that reaction to grapefruit. But yes, same effect. So I tossed it away and decided to never eat grapefruit again.

I know this might be shocking to some people, but I do know I have a large amount of hair products [and deodorants] With bleached white hair you need to take care of your locks so I go for a lot of repair spray. The fun thing is that most of the products where never featured on my blog. I am sorry! So do you see something where you think "I want a review" Do tell me in the comments.

This might have been my wake-up call not to buy so many hair products. What do you think? To many or do I need more?

So yes my cat again, I wanted to take a closeup of her eye without flashing her in the face. Sadly enough the eye didn't have as much texture as I had hoped.

I am so sorry for the hunger this image may bring. This food is my anti-drug. I love it! Real ramen / noodles  This was a spicy variation that burned my tongue down, it was amazing! As yes those things you see are stainless steal chopsticks. I love watching korean shows while eating noodles, it makes it feel more authentic.

I call this the face of a blogger that didnt get any sleep and rolled in the dirt. Ofcoarse just kidding, I do not have that color under my eyes and my skin is not that dirty. I was messing around with make-up, I started with black eyes and red under my eyes. Then I added some purple under my eyes for the sleepless look that most people desire and then I just dirtied it up. Also adding a lot of powder to your face makes it seem so grainy. I love it!

A unflattering pose and a bright flash is never good for me. I must say that my head looks really big next to my kitten right?

Also I have to end with the reason why I am not a good photographer [or model] yet. I have no idea where the light is.

So what do you think of this Life in pictures?

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