Sometime ago I wrote about Asos there sale page and my two favorite items here featuring the Pieces Flica stone ring that people could read about here. I must say that the ring was my favorite piece of the order but I also love the necklace I ordered. I mean we all know that Love Rocks 

I have to admit that I expected a little box with the necklace, I think that jewelry that normally costs 30 euros is expensive enough to have a cute box. This necklace came in an organza bag, I must say that I am not really fond of that. But we all know that what is inside the little bag that counts.

The quality
I admit this is a sturdy necklace, when I looked at the pictures I tough that this necklace was one piece but it turned out to have separate pieces. A big plus for me because that means it can move and will not break that easy.
Everything is chained together without any seams. Also the clasp is sturdy and I adore the fact that they added the logo on the end of the chain.

Perfect for December
Now I admit it is a bit formal for everyday wear, this is perfect for parties and especially during the Christmas season. It really gives a lot of 'bling' and it stands out when it hits the light. Also I love to wear this necklace with a long chain.

So what do you think? Do you like my new 'crown jewels'
x Denna

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