Last month I went to ikea four times. I love ikea and love looking at their beautiful storage items. The thing that I forget everything is that ikea has plants. In my ikea they are near the exit and most of the times I rush passed so I can pay for my recent haul. But last time I decided to look for a plant that would look good on my desk. But this is not just a blogpost about one plant, I am also going to show you some of my favorite ikea plants.

Yes the name is in caps like the great ikea intended it to. I decided to google some information about this plant because the name says very little to me.
Madagascar Dragon Tree is a bold accent if you have the space. This exotic house plant is slow-growing, but will reach 6 ft indoors [1] 
Say what? Just kidding I knew that beforehand and if you trim it it will stay desk size.

Plant killer...
This tree/plant is perfect for people like me. I am talking about people who can take care of themselves and animals but neglect plants. This plant is really easy to take care for, you just need to give him some water once a week and thats that. I do have to note that I paused when writing this to get some water for my plant that I did not give water for some time now. Yet it still looks nice. So it is a perfect gift that keeps living.

Other ikea plants
Now ikea has a large variety of other plants real and fake. I am only going to focus on the real plants because the fake plants did not 'speak to me' Ikea has a whole lot of plants in different sizes and pricings.

My favorite being the lower right plants, they are adorable and tiny. also if you are getting a plan you need a pot right? Ikea also has those

So do you have a plant you take care for?

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