So today I am going to tell you all about the 30 day shred. If you are like me sitting at home wanting to work out, when I want and how I want, Jillian can give you a nice challenge with the 30 day shred..

What is the shred
The shred is a workout program that you can do for 30 days. It has three instruction video's that you need to follow. You start with 10 days on level 1 and then 10 days on level 2 and you end it with 10 days level 3. If you google the effect of those 30 days you get amazing pictures that really show a change that most people will want.

What do I think.
I think the program is a great idea because you are working for 10 days on the same set of exercises. You need to do Push-ups, sit-ups and jumping jacks. You combine strength with cardio and most important  You get no pauses between exercises. A full 20 minute workout that will leave you in sweat. And you only need a 2 things. Water bottles or weights and a mat.

I use water bottles as weights because I have not have time to get weights in the store.  Also a mat will get in handy because there are a decent amount of floor exercising.

Yes I must say 10 days of the same thing will get boring and you really need to motivate yourself.

So what do you think? Something you want to try out?

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