I wrote last week about DreamChaserart, you can read the article here. I showed you my favorite items including the pocket mirrors. The little vain diva that I am adores mirrors and now I can take this piece of art with me. Read more for the review and of coarse more pictures.

Marlon shipped the item really fast and it took only a few days to get to me. Of coarse shipping from Netherlands to the Netherlands is always fast.
The moment the envelope fell on my doormat I ripped open the envelope with the gold letters and pulled out my new mirror.
I have to admit that shipping a mirror is always tricky but Marlon packed the mirror in bubble wrap that kept the mirror safe, not a single scratch was on it.  Inside the envelope was a handwritten note and a business card. The business card had her own artwork on it and the design is lovely.

As you can see it has her website on it. Do check it out because it showcases all her artwork, and I personally love browsing her website and blog. I know that you are all interested in the mirror. I have to note that every mirror comes in a organza bag. I got a beautiful blue bag to keep my mirror in.

The mirror
A mirror has one thing that it needs to do and that is mirror an image. Of coarse this real glass mirror does that. But there are a few more things that are important for me so I took it with me for a test. I put it in the organza bag and in my little travel make-up bag. The mirror is palm size so it fits most make-up bags and also adds very little weight. I see no downside of taking this one with you.

Now during the day I got something in my eye. Normally I would just rub my eye till it is gone, but that would result in a smudged eye thanks to my make-up. I pulled the mirror out my bag and held it in my palm while checking my eye, the size is perfect to look close at one eye and withing seconds I had the lash out of my eye. I have to note that normally with a compact you would first have to open it, with this you just turn it  and you directly have the mirror. I prefer this kind of pocket mirrors because opening a compact would take some time and at times it is not that easy with one eye closed. [when you have something in your eye]

During the day I went to eat a bite of food and I felt some dressing on the corner of my lips. I wiped it off and decided to check with the mirror if I still had some on my face. I did not notice that I still had dressing on my fingers and I smudged some on the backside of the mirror. Props for the fact that the backside is coated with some sort of plastic and is easy to clean of without the artwork being ruined.

I actually got a few questions about the mirror, people wanted to know where I got it. It is a unique mirror that interest people. The details are amazing and for only 4.03 euro it is worth it and it would make a nice gift with the upcoming holidays. I am a fan!

Want one, click here! I sure love it and I would like to hear what you think about it.

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