Today a very quick hint for all you beauty lovers out there. You got a lot of make-up tossed in boxes or in drawers but you can not find a thing. I got a solution! Very easy but read more.

So you will need a few things.
  • A wood cabinet. [I went the ikea way] 
  • Paint Board paint [I picked the disney princess kind]
  • Crayons
  • Paint brush
  • Sanding paper [optional]
  • Paint remover [optional]
If your wood cabinet has some bumps or is not smooth take some sanding paper to it. Just give it a light scrub with it.
So when you did that you can give your cabinet two coats depending on the paint.
After that you need to wait a week before you can add with a crayon on it what is inside.

I took the easy road with
F= Foundation
L= Lipstick and Lipgloss

M= Mascara / Eyeliner
O= Eyeshadow [Dutch = oogschaduw]

X= Other
G = Gelliner

But the moment I hate it I will take a wet cloth and wipe it off to give it now letters or write on it. It is also fun to add little notes. I use the side for that. It already had "Buy new eyeliner" "BB cream finished" 

Also you might have noticed the bigger left one? Soon I will be moving the make-up in that one and the jewelry in my oldone

So how do you store your make-up and jewerly?

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