To be honest I never go to C&A. I used to think that there was nothing there to suit my style. But recently I went to the site and I fell in love! Read more for the pants that I would like to cover myself with.

So the above picture showcases three amazing pants in print. I accually showed the first one to my mom who went "You like that?" Yes, yes I do. I think the print looks stunning and the shiny of the black looks sort of like leather and I would love to pair it with a long top. Both the left and middle pair is only 15 euro, so in my eyes it is dirty cheap. The right one sort of gives a bleached jean effect but then with lace. For 29 euros it is still decent priced.

Above we have three times the same pair of pants. These three pants are amazing for Autumn and winter and the colors are on trend and guess what? Only 19 euro! I am actually debating to get one of these colors and one with print.

What are you favorites? 

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