Today a battle but also a semi-review for Balea Oil Repair. I was just about to buy a bottle of Biosilk from Douglas but I decided to wait for a bit to see if there was more discount or a special offer somewhere ells. Now every week I go to a German drugstore called DM. I am sure I mentioned that before. So while browsing the racks I came across oil repair, they actually had a whole line including shampoo and conditioner.
 For the battle it is good to know that a bottle of Biosilk silk therapy sets you back 16.80 euro for 50 ml. Balea oil repair is 2.95 euro for 100ml. So 33.60 vs 2.95 for a 100ml. A difference of more then 30 euros. But then the question remains, what is better? Or is one even better then the other?

Lets start with my hair with nothing
These are my ends [that need to be snipped off] when I air dry them when I took a shower. As you can see a lot of frizz and split ends. Horrible right? Fluffy and springy. This is not how I want my hair to look.

Added the balea in the ends
It falls more smooth and looks far more decent right? I added a bit of Balea oil on my ends and It looks far more decent then the other side!

Added biosilk to the other side.
This is a hard one for me because looking at the pictures I see very little difference between Balea and Biosilk. Both seem to give off the same effect and this is also the same thing that I see in real life. If there is a difference it is very minimal.
The scent is personal for me, I love how biosilk smells but balea does not fall far behind. Both scents only last for a tiny bit and to be honest I only care for the visual effect.

So I have to conclude that I rather buy the cheap Balea hair oil then Biosilk just because of the price for the similar effect.

Buy it:  If you want a cheap hair oil.
Skip it: If you prefer to stay with a brand that is more expensive.

What would you buy?

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